X-Men Arcade, Marvel Mutants Their Powers Bring Android

Taking advantage of the premiere of the new film the X-Men Konami has launched in the Android Market X-Men Arcade, an adaptation of a title that was released in 1992 for the arcade machines and which last year arrived in HD version for PS3 and Xbox 360.

X-Men Arcade is a simple beat ‘ em up that puts us in the shoes of the protagonists of Marvel comics in order to distribute estopa to Magneto and his henchmen. All this while retaining the same graphical appearance and with some another novelty to adapt to the times running.

The gameplay and mechanics they are fairly straightforward, although it can sometimes be monotonous. Yet the game is pretty fun, especially if we are fans of the genre. Each character, in addition to basic attacks, features with a unique special attack that use it left us a bit of our life.

Although the game is entertaining, and well worth the 2 euros worth, for me it has a failure and it’s the control. Like many other games the buttons are touch and, in my experience, they are not exactly comfortable, especially when it comes to moving your character.

In its favor include the multiplayer option in local WiFi network. I did the test with a Nexus One and HTC Desire S and It worked perfectly no delays or problems of any kind. That Yes, it seems that only works on local network and not through Internet.

X-Men Arcade is available in the Android Market to priced at 2.06 euros. Unfortunately There is a demo allow us to test the game first before proceed to checkout.

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X-Men Arcade Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: € 2.06
  • Category: Android games

X-Men Arcade is a remake of the classic beat ‘ em upque was released in arcade in 1992. A fun title where we will have to choose between the six available characters to kill Magneto and his henchmen.