Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

According to A2zgov, Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most picturesque Polish cities. All tourists note its beautiful Old Town with baroque and gothic architecture, as well as numerous bridges and canals, which are more here than in Bruges. Wroclaw is a student city, so there are a lot of young people on its streets, and the center is full of bars, discos and other entertainment venues.

One of the funniest tourist attractions in Wroclaw is Find the Gnome. Gnomes (here they are called “dwarfs”) are considered a symbol of the city and are placed in all its corners. Each figurine is unique, with its own name, profession and biography.

How to get to Wroclaw

There are many ways to get to the ancient capital of Silesia. The most convenient way is by plane with a change in Warsaw, as there are no direct flights from Moscow. In addition, Wroclaw, which lies at the crossroads of the most important transport routes, receives numerous trains – including high-speed ones, and buses from all over Eastern Europe. And although you will also have to travel by land with transfers, convenient connections will not greatly affect the convenience of travel.

For the most detailed information on how to get to the ancient Breslavl, read this article.

Transport in the city

Urban transport of the city is represented by buses, private and municipal, as well as trams. The trams of the city are very diverse, there are the latest cars, and there are old ones, but they are brightly colored and serviceable. In addition, in order to attract visitors, some of the trams have been converted into tourist ones and run around the city with excursions. One of them even bears the name “Juliusz”, after the poet Juliusz Słowacki.

In addition to car rental, the city provides bike rental. For only 2 EUR per hour, you can travel in an environmentally friendly transport at a speed that is convenient for you. And when you get tired or want romance, go for a boat trip along the Odra. By gondola (5 EUR per hour) or one of the local steamboats (3-5 EUR per hour depending on the type of boat).

Wroclaw Hotels

In Wroclaw, you can stay for the night, as elsewhere in Poland, not only in hotels, hostels and hostels, but also in apartments. There is even a whole section dedicated to them on the official website of the city. For those who prefer other accommodation options, it will also not be difficult to find suitable housing for themselves. The most budget, of course, hostels.

In Boogie Hostel (city center, Russkaya street) for 20 EUR even in season you can rent a separate room with breakfast, and a place in a dormitory costs from 10 EUR. In Cinnamon Hostel, the price for a place in a 12-bed common room is 10 EUR, in a quadruple room – 15 (and breakfast in addition!), And 39 in a double room.

The price level for middle-class hotels is 38-65 EUR per night. These include Rezydencja Parkowa, located near the park, a 10-minute drive from the city center, Novotel, located near the Wroclaw University of Technology or Campanile, which boasts a neighborhood with the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. Well, the prices for a room in the Art Hotel, recognized as the best hotel in Wroclaw in 2005 (according to Forbes), start at 87 EUR per night.

Cuisine and restaurants in Wroclaw

“Whoever was not in the Świdnicka cellar, he was not in Wroclaw.” Yes, that’s what the locals say. You don’t want to leave the city without visiting this oldest restaurant in Europe, do you? Moreover, the prices there “do not bite”, and for 20 EUR you can dine in such a way that later you will hardly leave the table. And the pleasure of the amazing atmosphere of this institution is generally not comparable with anything!

Perhaps with a visit to the beer restaurant Spiz, which serves beer brewed in a private brewery. Connoisseurs say that the local wheat beer is no worse than the similar Belgian! In general, there are a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants of all categories in Wroclaw. The eyes are full of signs and names, everyone will find a place to their liking. Someone will like the Cuban bar Casa de la Musica, where for a couple of EUR you will be sold a huge mojito, someone will be delighted with the Pod Parrots bar, and someone will love the cult Mlecharni or national cuisine at the jaDka restaurant.

Shopping and stores

As in all cities popular with tourists, Wroclaw has a lot of souvenir shops, concentrated mainly in the pedestrian part of the city. There you can buy a variety of gifts and souvenirs with a national flavor. But even among them, the “Dwarf Search Kit” stands out, which includes a magnifying glass, slippers and cream for tired feet. Like, you run around during the day in slippers so as not to stomp, in search of the mascot of the city – the gnome, you will examine it through a magnifying glass, and then you need to smear your feet with cream so that they do not hurt. If you do not share the sense of humor of the locals, then go shopping in large shopping centers such as Centrum Corona, Grunwald Palace or Dominican Gallery.

Entertainment and attractions in Wroclaw

The Church of St. Elizabeth, the houses of Jassy and Malgosya, the Town Hall, the houses of the Old Town… Be sure to visit Tumski Island and other islands of Wroclaw, wander along its bridges, the botanical garden and other parks of amazing beauty, go on a night tour at the zoo, visit the national museum and see the Racławice panorama in detail. And when it gets dark, be sure to sit near the largest singing fountain in Europe.

Gnomes of Wroclaw

Do you know that Wroclaw is the place where gnomes live? Small bronze figurines of gnomes, no larger than a cat, can be found on the streets of the city. They roll a ball, wash clothes, try to jump into your hands from a lamppost, and generally distract attention from the beautiful architecture of the city in every possible way. And there is something to see!

Wroclaw, Poland