World’s Rarest Cosmetic Tips

Tips on which are the rarest cosmetics in the world.

Expensive beauty products are on sale in the most luxurious cosmetics stores and in the on line stores of creative brands in special or commemorative editions and in very few units, which also makes them exclusive. Here are some of the rarest cosmetic tips in the world. The prices of luxury products cost on average 7,500% more than the price of conventional products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. What a luxury expensive cosmetics. According to manufacturers, the products are expensive due to the rare ingredients or even the rich packaging. Overpriced cosmetics are made from diamonds, dust from meteorites, gold or exotic antioxidants extracted from rare plants, for example. There are also products that have a high cost for using messenger cell proteins, which stimulate cell growth and promote consequent rejuvenation ; obtained with DNA recombination technology, which creates exact – though synthetic-replicas of the respective molecules of the human body. Manufacturers also claim that huge production costs and in some cases years of research into the perfect formulation justify the prices charged. What is surprising, however, is the fact that many miracle promises of some of these cosmetics about their differentiated ingredients are based on unbiased studies, and their consumption is actually more an expression of financial power than essential pursuit of products with a quality unique. Many celebrities do not bother expressing extravagance with luxury cosmetics. Some examples of celebrities who called attention to spending huge amounts of money on beauty products were Katie Holmes, who used the Imperial Magesty perfume created by Clive Cristian, which costs $ 435,000; and Kelly Osbourne who scandalized her fans at the 64th Emmy Awards with Azature nails, enamel that contains diamonds in her composition and costs approximately $ 250,000. Some of the expensive cosmetics, however, were put on the market as a luxury item with a social function, such as the Be Delicious perfume from DKNY, famous for its nice value of one million dollars that during its sale had all its income reverted to the NGO. Action Hunger, these were the rarest cosmetic tips in the world.

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