What You Think of The New Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Engadget Android Questions

One week we’re here to launch a new question, and what better time to rescue another question that a few months ago I proposed. Yes, it is obvious, after the release of yesterday’s expected new Google phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, many of you have shown apathy by the final specifications, either by the camera, processor, card slot, or their final size.

It is also obvious that Samsung will end up getting a Galaxy S III, improving the specifications of the model shown yesterday and repeating the move that already made after the Nexus S, Galaxy S II. So well, we rescued the question and we’d like to know, What did you think of the new Galaxy Nexus? Not only is to know if you’re going to buy it, because you think that you being a terminal of Google It will be the first, always, to receive the Android updates; It can also be that you have met all your expectations, or you simply prefer a terminal with better specifications at the expense of everything else.

Sure that there is debate about the issue, as it also was last week, when you propose an exercise of imagination, on How should within a few years smartphones be After studying the evolution of the market. Certainly it must have been a bad understood, because the general response has focused more on own tastes, rather than to a study on proposals for research and development of the manufacturer; in any case our reader response Ruben heel Argente was the most valued.

They should have 1 week of autonomy, a screen to see in days with many Sun, not weigh and not be very large (4.3-inch limit)

Although it was the following response from the reader Javier Muñiz pink, which really gave the nail on to the purpose of our question:

Probably in a few years the terminals will bring only a module of ROM memory, won’t lack or microSD card, more internal memory, as we will only use the storage “cloud”. Another aspect will be buttons that will not occur in the front. A simple screen and assumes that it will be in the future Nexus. More importance will be given to the introduction of voice, gestures (like starts to do with Apple with the new iPhone) and new ways to manage our phone. You also bet as they already do now with a total connection with other devices, for example, our House: our tablet, smart TV and computer. In the future these three devices with our smartphone will be the only thing we have, it will be the same but with different screen sizes. Back to phones also they will have a range of weeks, because we will use batteries or hydrogen fuel. Design will go through stages as in other products of history. The power will grow and grow while she is still finding new uses which give that power. That’s all.

It is the first time that we published two responses, perhaps because the question was given to both interpretations. We hope that this week does not happen as well, although it will not be a problem, because the important thing is to listen to the opinions and learn from the rest. Remember that you must go to Engadget Android answers section, so also all you can for your commenting rating and share opinions.