What Is the Appropriate Way of Ironing a Dress of Man’s Long Sleeves Shirt?

For many men, donning a freshly ironed dress shirt represents a good start to the day. A well ironed shirt is key to a professional appearance, and can add a general confidence. However, sometimes your wrinkled but clean shirts should be ironed with quick efficiency. Some simple steps prepare you to iron shirts and dress properly with a minimum of stress and effort.

What you need

Iron your shirts on a flat work surface. The best is a table Ironing Board sturdy standard. At a time of trouble, a desk, a table or a mattress will be used for this purpose if you cover them with a clean thick cloth. Use an electric iron with a clean front plate and a regulator of heat- and reliable. The economic plates produce low-budget results. Different shirts may require different levels of heat and steam to remove wrinkles. Spray starch-based give it a hard texture to shirts, and spray with clean water bottles help remove difficult creases.

First steps

For best results, prepare a very wrinkled shirt with a sprayer. It uses the heat setting low required to remove wrinkles, but get the iron to induce steam. If you have time, iron the shirt upside down first, and then back to iron it from the outside. Start ironing the collar of the shirt stretched. The neck part of the face, making it important. Then iron fists, which is likely to them look out of the sleeves of the jacket. Unfasten them and press them stretched.

Last steps

Then iron the front of the body of the shirt of one side at a time. In the same way as with fists, beware of ironing around buttons instead of over them because they can break or deform. He makes passes soft and firm, never leaving the iron stays in one place for too long. Iron tops shirt more carefully because it is likely that will be more than the skirt. Finally iron sleeves, from the seams from the shoulders down, until the fists, and working the folds that may be on the sleeves. If you have time and do not use a bag, iron the back of the shirt by placing it in the form and open flat on your work surface.

Tricks of the task

To save time and money, iron multiple shirts clothing clean at the same time while you watch television or listen to music. Get ready for ironing 10 shirts taken while they prepare to press only one. Use an iron that shuts off automatically if you distracted from the task. Ironing shirts that are stained increases the risk of stains and odors are set. Keep the ironing surface and the water tank from the plate clean and free of debris.