What Annoys Us around the Topic of Mobile Phone

Although the smart phone has long become the legitimate daily companion of many people, there are always things that drive us to white heat. So we are reluctant to put our cell phone out of our hands: we would like to do without some side effects. We’ll show you how you can counter this.

Rank 5: Overactive Whatsapp Groups

Nearly every WhatsApp user knows the problem: You have a WhatsApp group or you are forced by your work to join a group for meetings. This is the motto: the more people in the group, the more messages await you. Sometimes it can be particularly annoying. Especially if you can not just leave and just do important things. Of course, you can simply switch your phone silently. However, you missed so badly with important calls. The simplest solution: simply disable the respective chat in WhatsApp. How it works? Open the app and group. There you can mute the group in the menu for a self-chosen period.

Rank 4: Anonymous calls

Do You Know That, Too? Jogging Or Annoying: Your Mobile Phone rings and the display shows you that the number of the caller is not known. You take off and regret this step immediately. Sometimes it is the ex-partner who just does not want to let loose, sometimes unwanted advertising, sometimes the jerks of someone who just does not want to grow up. How many times have you ever thought about how comfortable it would be to block anonymous numbers? You could have done that long ago.How it works:


Step 1. “Contacts”-Plussymbol – set first name “anonymous” and “+” as telephone number-“Done”

Step 2. “Settings”-“Phone”-“Locked”-“Add Contact”-“Anonymous”

Alternatively: “Settings”-“Do not disturb”-“Manual”-in “Allow calls”, enter all contacts from the address book-Set the “Mute” button to “Always”
The calls should be forwarded directly to the mailbox.

Android :

Step 1. “Preferences”-“Applications”-“Call settings”-“Reject call”- “Reject automatically”-Check “List”

Step 2. Go back to “Reject call”-“Automatic reject list”-Checkmark “Unknown”

3rd Place: Always Smeared Display

Smart phones at ComputerAnnals are continually evolving and mobile phone lovers are waiting impatiently for the latest flagship of the big providers. Touchscreens are already something fine-if not there would not be the annoying fingerprints on the screen! In low lighting they disturb the view of the mobile phone and unclean it looks. But what can you do now against the annoying graffiti on the display? The best way to tackle them are special screen protectors. They protect the display not only from scratches, but also from fingerprints. Fingerprints are hardly noticeable on matt films.

Place 2: Mieses Mobile Internet

The possibilities are many: either your mobile internet is basically so slow that you can hardly open videos, or your data volume is simply spent in a few days. We all know the problem: We are warned that our data volume is growing, and are annoyed. For many, the so-called”data processing” is a solution to this problem. Thus, after using your monthly inclusive volume, additional data packages are made available for a fee. Others, however, is simply too expensive. In this case, it only helps todeal more sparingly with our data volume and simply put the mobile phone into the flight mode.Or you can opt for a new tariff with data sets that fit your needs better.

Place 1: Continuously Empty Battery

Many mobile phone owners know the problem: In the afternoon we want to look for the train connections on the way home or call home and let it know that it will later. Unfortunately, the Handyakku is empty and the device lets us down. On many smartphones, the battery is firmly installed. That is, it is not possible to always have a full second battery with you.

Switch Background Processes Off

Frequently, it is already a remedy to put the device into the current-saving mode during non-use. Or you look at your device in the settings, which applications pull the most battery. Often, we can disable apps running in the background. By the way: GPS, WLAN and mobile data draw a lot of battery. Disable the features and you’ll see your battery last longer.

Powerbank As A Helper In Need

Another option is the purchase of a  Powerbank. This is, so to say, a mobile socket, which you can recharge before and then simply carry it in your pocket. It replaces the second battery and gives your smartphone at least some juice back, so it spends the rest of the day.