Westwing Mirror Switch Guide

A well decorated house has special items and designed exclusively for each room. With that in mind, we decided to give some tips on one of the most used parts of the home: the switch mirror. Commonly used by all, the product, regardless of the style of decoration, is increasingly gaining space in the field of decoration thanks to new models and visuals.

Have you thought about leaving the rooms of the house with a personalized look to the point that even the switch mirror can be differentiated? Commonly the switch mirrors have a simpler look, differing only by the on/off light switch and the space available for the socket. Nowadays, aiming at increasingly unique designs, it is even possible to customize it with special adhesives for the part. Follow our suggestions.

A Final Touch With The Switch Mirror

Decorating the house in a unique way requires commitment, dedication and a touch of creativity in every corner of the home, even those who often go unnoticed day by day.

One item present in our homes is the switch mirror. We always saw these pieces almost of the same models and they differed only by a simple detail or a difference of tonality. Aiming to highlight the piece and even to the environment where it is arranged, nowadays we find several items that can aid in the stylization of the piece, such as frames and stickers .

The switch mirror frame acts as a kind of frame for frame. The piece of diverse colors and in some cases with details worked in its extension, fits perfectly to the mirror to switch , protecting and giving a modern look the piece.

In the field of decoration decorative stickers are increasingly present in the small details of the home;whether on the wall, the tile or some furniture. Thinking of the practicality at the moment of decorating the switch mirror, nowadays we find stickers of different sizes, formats and colors for the customization of the piece.

Creating Your Stylized Switch Mirror

Aiming at an even more special decoration for your home we will teach you with a very simple step by step how to create a mirror for custom switch.

The materials needed are:

Piece of colored fabric


Switch Mirror



Step by step:

  1. To begin the decoration from the mirror to the switch, with the help of the brush, pass glue over the entire length of the piece.
  2. Glue the chosen fabric over the surface of the mirror to switch. Then cut the hole for the button to turn the light on/off.
  3. Pass the glue on the back of the switch mirror and glue the leftover edges to finish.
  4. Wait for it to dry and then the switch mirror is ready for use.

If desired, replace the fabric with contact paper and follow the same personalization instructions for the mirror to switch without forgetting that in the case of contact it is already a self-adhesive material.