Westwing Guide for Rustic Pendant

For intimate occasions, candles and lamps give the tone of intention. Already for any other moment in which it is sought to scare the darkness of the interior of his home, the rustic pendant can be his ideal candidate. As its name suggests, it stays attached to the ceiling, outstanding to bring light to the surroundings and more brightness to the good taste of its decoration, with a series of models that privilege as much the discretion as exuberance.

Opting for the rustic pendant can highlight the predominant style in your decor, but can also serve to create a balanced set of contrasts, combining the rustic and the modern in unique and sophisticated compositions. Want to know more about using wood chandeliers and the like in your home? So check out this Westwing special and stay within the multiple qualities and inspirations we can perform with the rustic pendant!

Illuminating With Style And Efficiency

Some people associate the use of pendants in the decoration as something contemporary, whether the style is more for the stripped down or the classic. However, the rustic pendant itself appears as a contradiction of who limits the use of this sophisticated method of lighting for any type of environment.

The rustic pendant, like the decorative style that bears the same name and reinforces the use of wood in the decoration, can be very well appreciated in any style that gives shape and color to the home, such asclassic decorations , minimalist and with refinements of exuberance.

Discreet or exaggerated, the rustic pendant sounds good in any room, in homes or apartments and even in offices. It is up to your creativity and disposition the best positions to accommodate your rustic pendant to brighten and embellish environments.

Some tips for installing the rustic pendant already give good guidance, including: try spreading your rustic pendants on center tables or on the dining room table-one of the most notorious trumps of the rustic pendant and any other style. But any other type of environment is privileged to use this versatile wooden chandelier.

Try using the rustic pendant in the bedrooms, on the porch, in outdoor areas-provided you are covered-or even in the lavatories and kitchens . It is worth remembering, however, that the position of the pendant can directly affect the top of the tables, if they are glass, dazzling the view, in some angles.

Harmonize With Rustic Pendants

According to Hetongdiy.com, the rustic pendant combines easy with other elements and decorative styles. Practical and fast to install , it is great to compose environments with this suspended lighting that gives wings to your creativity.

Make it different in the bedroom, giving a greater warmth with a direct and nearer illumination. Make the balcony well lit and more sophisticated, and even brighten a decorative differential in your living and dining rooms.

Check out the Westwing tips and make the rustic pendant’s versatility an asset to combine unique and practical compositions!