Wedding Night | What to Use to Surprise (a)?

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Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about one of the most important parts (if not the most important-especially for the male audience) of the wedding: the wedding night.

One of the great questions of the couple is: what use to surprise your partner on your wedding night? That goes for women as for men.

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A hint that I give to you is the following: many times, you will leave the wedding feast extremely tired and may not happen that day. Elton and I came back extremely tired from the wedding party and we just went to sleep… Rs… Something like my cousins happened too: the bride wore a heeled shoe and dumped her feet, couldn’t do anything overnight. People, the situation is more common than you think… lol…

It’s interesting to invest in the honeymoon trip, because she’s the only thing that will mark your life. So it’s worth giving wings to imagination and creating

I believe that women care much more about this topic than men, because they have many choices in the lingerie market. It’s panties, bra, corset, robe, sweater, baby-doll, costumes, etc. What the woman must have in mind is the certainty of being beautiful and safe so that the wedding night is surprising.

A lot of women prefer to wear white underwear, but that’s not necessary. If you make the leopard style with much brightness and sequins, why not invest in it?

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The options are too big. So see what style you like most and invest in it!

You’re wrong the one who says the grooms don’t care about the wedding night. For them, it’s one of the most important parts of the wedding. They also have vanity and want to be beautiful to please the one who is the woman of your life. Unlike women, men invest more in comfortable clothing, but at the same time, beautiful. Men have much less options for the wedding night, but they can invest in boxer shorts (looks gorgeous), samba-Song panties, cute pajamas, etc.

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So, did you like the tips? I hope so!

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