Waze Carpool: This Is How Google Wants to Tackle üBer and Transport Service

Since a few years ago, we have seen how the service of transportation by means of a mobile application they have begun to proliferate throughout the world, the most famous case is Uber, who has managed to build a large community of users and drivers in much of the world, something that has not been easy due to the regulations, taxi drivers and Governments, but this has served to open the way for other companies to bet on their own services.

In July 2015, Google announced RideWith, a discreet test pilot in Israel which consisted in making use of its maps and traffic Waze platform, creating a service to share car allowing you to see which users are in our same route and schedule, thus sharing a single car in this way, something that later would be the headquarters of Google in Mountain View by its employees , and that is now giving jump to the streets in the form of beta by invitation, but now under the name of Waze Carpool.

At the moment only by invitation in San Francisco

Waze Carpool is offered during this first phase to users that have received an invitation from those companies located in the San Francisco Bay area, companies who like Google want its employees to take advantage of the same car and thus benefit the environment, while the user of the vehicle earns some money and passengers are saved not to take their cars.

As in the case of Uber and Lyft, Waze Carpool will have two applications: the classic app Waze that will serve for all drivers, and Waze Rider, It is aimed at those looking for a car that will take them to their places of work and home. During this stage the platform will have no cost, only must pay the driver for fuel according to what will recommend the same app depending on the route and traffic.

In this first stage of test it will only be available for nearly 25,000 employer companies such as Adobe, UCSF, and e-commerce Walmart division, but it is expected that in the coming months it extended to other interested companies, which already can sign directly on the website of Waze Carpool, in addition to the objective is that the service is public and any user can access.

This is certainly an interesting Google’s bet, since they are taking advantage of the scope of Waze, an application that has grown considerably thanks to the community and their active participation, and which is only now adding a powerful new service that will help with the decrease in the use of vehicles in the city, of course with the idea of dealing with Uber and Lyft, those who currently dominate the market.

We will have to keep an eye on the comments of the users and their participation, something that will be decisive for its opening, something that will not be easy, because before we will have to know the final price of the service, as well as the security measures It adopts Google, something that has been a problem on the increase around the world in this type of services.