VSCO Cam Finally Available on Android Play Large

Film-look and delicate shades are VSCO Cam characteristics-and then it’s free. Delicate colors and vintage look.
Where other photo applications either is generous with the filters, or has the social priority is VSCO Cam more addressed to the photographer, who want a more natural or subdued look. Therefore, VSCO as also been one of the most popular photo-apps on itunes. Today has finally found its way to Android’s app ecosystem.

VSCO Cam is about creating beautiful and natural images. VSCO avails itself of 10 presets (8 color and 2 black/white) to dispense as needed, as well as a number of editing tools. VSCO distinguishes itself by working with presets above to add the filters after the picture is taken.

VSCO Cam for Android will also have access to VSCO Grid -a minimalist online gallery where one’s mobile masterpieces can be portrayed. In fact, VSCO Cam identical with iOS version, and retains the same minimalist interface.

VSCO is free with Play Large, and can be run on most Android 4.0 + devices.