Vitosha, Bulgaria

Vitosha, Bulgaria

Mount Vitosha is a national park in Bulgaria, located on the southern outskirts of Sofia, in the north-west of the country. This massive dome-shaped massif is one of the highest ski resorts in Bulgaria: it is enough to mention that the lift takes 25 minutes to reach the base to appreciate its scale. That is why the snow stays here 150 days a year: it falls in December and stubbornly refuses to melt until late spring. Check TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA.COM to learn more about Bulgaria.

Mount Vitosha is a vivid confirmation of the fact that our ideas about any country are most often unambiguous, while this country can surprise us at any moment. We are accustomed to the fact that Bulgaria is a land of seaside, black-eyed beauties and Slavic slovenliness. In fact, it turns out that there is clearly something to do here in winter: active, fun, interesting. Vitosha is at its peak of popularity between December and January, although the season here lasts until April. Snowy slopes, deep blue-white landscapes, safety and comfort – that’s what defines Vitosha today. This is confirmed by the growing popularity of the resort and the expansion of the geography of tourists coming to Vitosha from Germany, the USA, Australia, and not only from neighboring countries. Parents with children, sportsmen, party-goers, colleagues walk about one and a half meters of snow.

How to call

8-10-359-2-phone number

How to get to Vitosha

Plane to Sofia, then car transfer for about half an hour.

The easiest way to get to the national park is bus number 123, which leaves every hour from the G. M. Dimitrov” directly to the funicular “Simeonovo-Aleko”. Travel time is about 20 minutes, the fare is 2 BGN. The closed lift spends 25 minutes on the road to the mountain, costs 15-17 BGN in both directions and carries both skiers and foot passengers. During this time, you can admire the views of the ski complex. In winter, the lift operates daily from 9.00 to 16.00.

By bus number 66 from Sofia you can get to Aleko, departing from the Hladilnika terminal 10 times a day from 8 am to 19:45 on weekends, and 4 flights a day on weekdays. Minibuses No. 41 run from Sofia to the center of Simeonovo.

The prices on the page are for August 2021.

History and legend

If Slavic culture prevails in the north of the country, then Thracian features are more traceable to the south of the Balkan Peninsula. At the same time, in the Bulgarian language, beautiful and interesting, like a game, there are words of Turkic origin and history, as well as native Slavic words, to which the Russian ear reacts like a strange children’s song with semi-familiar sounds.

Here is Vitosha – a gentle name, similar to an affectionate children’s name, was, in fact, a male name, according to legend, belonged to a local prince. History speaks of the first mention of the array around the beginning of the 11th century. After 8 centuries, at the end of the 19th century, a group of several hundred climbers managed to climb Vitosha.

The highest point of Vitosha is the Black Peak, its height reaches 2290 m. Gradually, the peak began to acquire the glory of a cult mountain, which any rock climber considers it his duty to climb.

The beauty and charm of Vitosha gives the opportunity to see it directly from the windows of houses in the Bulgarian capital.

Vitosha slopes

The total length of the ski slopes is 4500 m, they can take up to 3600 people per hour. The longest slope in the resort (2800 m) pleases with equipped “red” and “black” slopes, and the Black Peak (Cherni-Vryh) with a maximum skiing height of 2290 m is suitable only for experienced skiers. However, Vitosha also has enough “blue” and “green” trails. For those who like to “cut through” the virgin lands – 11 km of flat skiing.

Residents of Sofia like to spend the weekend on Vitosha, so these days there are maximum queues for the lifts: up to 30 minutes.

Due to the fact that there is a park on the relatively flat top of Vitosha, this place is really attractive for literally everyone. After all, not only thrill-seekers, extreme-seekers of all stripes who are ready to climb a 3,000-meter height, but also lovers of a relaxing outdoor recreation, friends who decide to gather for a picnic, families with children, and lovers can come here. The national park can please guests with fifty hiking trails, everything you need for a fun, relaxing and active holiday.

A ski pass for the whole day costs 34 BGN, for half a day – 23 BGN. Local non-sports activities: a bunch of traditional-style restaurants, bars and discos.


Several hotels are waiting for their guests in the National Park. Interestingly, here you can rent rural houses and huts for overnight stays, which convey not only the life of the local population, but also offer panoramic views of the ski slopes and slopes.

Entertainment and attractions in Vitosha

In the winter season, carnivals are popular, which the administration of the National Park organizes for guests. Thematic skiing competitions are held for athletes, serious competitions are organized for more experienced climbers. The main charm of the resort, regardless of seasonality and the season in general, can be called Bulgarian cuisine. Needless to say, the resort, popular with tourists from all over the world, is literally full of taverns, bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

Full of borrowings from neighboring Greeks and conquering Turks, Bulgarian cuisine is replete with meat dishes, spices, various salads and flavored with excellent Bulgarian southern wine. Bulgarians prepare some dishes for certain holidays – national, religious, etc. You will be doubly lucky if you visit a beautiful park on Mount Vitosha and catch feasts on St. Nicholas Day on December 6, New Year or Christmas Eve.

Also popular are sightseeing and other excursions in Sofia, visiting theater and opera performances, Rila and Bachkovo monasteries, a trip to the historical center of Plovdiv, the city-museum of Koprivshtitsa.

Vitosha, Bulgaria