Twitter Can Implement Feed Organized by Algorithm Like Facebook

On Wednesday, the financial director of Twitter, Anthony Noto, revealed some of the plans social network to attract more users and keep it interesting for those that already exist.

Among the product plans of the company director, Daniel Graf, are the ability to have private conversations (via DM) group, improved engine search and change the feed. And, changes in the feed, he wants to implement an algorithm that filters the content relevant to the user automatically, a la Facebook.

On Facebook, that’s a problem – how breaking news two days ago you have seen in the home? But in the case of Twitter, it gets worse, since the temporal organization of the feed is its differential.

By following a person, you get absolutely all content for it. This proves especially important in the case of breaking news: no content is lost and updates appear at the time. Remember last year, during the protests of June? Twitter was a much used tool for protesters gather information when they were on the streets. Facebook already showed it late, with important posts coming hours or even days later.

Twitter has already done some experiments in the feed for a change the dynamics of things and try to bring more relevant content to users, as the interconnected conversations and tweets that the people you follow Favorite. The two news were met with little approval; the first was established in the background, just really becoming a good way to recover content that you may not have seen not to be online at the time.

Noto reassures users, saying that the changes will not happen from one moment to another, “Let’s try and make sure we understand what the implications are. You will not wake up one day and find your timeline completely organized by an algorithm.”

So if they start to appear older tweets in your timeline, you know why.