Triple Triad for Android: Letters, Final Fantasy and Fun

Possibly many who played in his day to Final Fantasy VIII agreed upon in Triple Triad. A letters mini-game terribly addictive that it also had the incentive of winning certain cards we could get special items.

Well, the other day while playing Everlands wondered if a version of this game would have on the Market and after a quick search di Android Triple Triad online. A very faithful adaptation of the original game that also comes with a pair of interesting additions.

The fact that being a faithful adaptation and not a version of the author that this game has so much charm. The same cards, same Board, background and of course the possibility of playing music with all the original rules that was on the PlayStation version.

On this basis we have a very simple menu in which we can set up our game rules against the CPU and choose the cards. Will miss the possibility of Configure the difficulty This and more or less level cards that use.

To give a little life to this version for Android we have at our disposal letters with heroes and enemies of Final Fantasy VII y Final fantasy X that in total you add, next to the original, more than 300 cards with which we can play.

In addition whenever we win or empatemos a round we will win some money that we may subsequently use in a store to buy cards for our deck. Ultimately, two developments that increase the duration of the game and insurance that those who already enjoyed in his day of Triple Triad engage them.

When we start playing we will see that one of the options that are available is the of online game. By misfortune still is not available and the developer has not specified when we will be able to play with our friends or strangers.

Triple Triad It is an ideal game for those who once enjoyed it in Final Fantasy VIII. Those who did not play in his day will be a little disoriented since this adaptation in Android does not explain the rules of the game and, it is said, should be a bit more work the interface that is quite neglected.

Usually a perfect pastime for sit & go but with an annoying bug that causes the application to restart, and if it happens in the middle of a game we will lose the cards that we were playing, all a hassle. If anyone has any interest in doing a version of the game the author is willing to distribute the source code, notice by email.

Android Triple Triad 1.3 Onlineversion

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: Viish
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games

An adaptation of Triple Triad: a mini-games of cards that originally came out in Final Fantasy VIII. The aim is to convert the letters of our rival depending on the numbers which have this. Simple and very addictive.