Top 10 Resorts in Montenegro

Top 10 Resorts in Montenegro

When choosing places for summer holidays, we often strive to go to distant countries, but do not take into account the duration of the flight, a completely unfamiliar and even strange culture. Let’s take a look at seaside vacation spots that you can get to quickly and easily, and the hospitality of the local Slavic population will make you feel at home. Montenegro is a European country, where it is better to go not only for beach “idleness”, but also to awaken the spirit of the explorer in yourself by visiting castles and monuments.

How to get to Montenegro?

Travel to Montenegro, where you can cheaply travel to Europe without a visa, you can organize yourself or buy ready-made tours. Despite the fact that the country is favorably located in the central part of Europe, there are few direct flights from Russia and Ukraine, and the flight duration is from 3.5 hours (direct plane) to 20 hours (with transfers).

If you have decisively chosen where to go on your own in Montenegro, you should book tickets in advance. A purchase 2-3 months before the trip will be several times cheaper, and if the vacation falls in the summer months, we advise you to stock up on a return ticket.

Alternatively, you can take a bus (although this is quite tiring and long) or go on a tour of Montenegro in your own car. This option has many advantages:

  1. you are not burdened with public transport timetables;
  2. you can visit other interesting countries and places along the way;
  3. at the resort you will be more mobile and will be able to visit any places and sights.

Note that tourists from Russia who decide to go to Montenegro by car will additionally have to apply for a Schengen visa, because they will have to cross several member states of the Schengen zone. The list of countries depends on the route you choose and personal interests, what to see along the way.

Is it cheaper to travel by car to popular resorts along the Adriatic coast? Be prepared that you will have to pay not only for gasoline, but also for travel on some autobahns (for example, in Croatia about 40 Euros), and before leaving your country, take care of obtaining an international insurance certificate.

Resorts of Montenegro: where is it better to relax

According to top-medical-schools, Montenegro is famous for its summer holidays, so there are many resorts on the coast where it is better to relax on the sea. Some cities, for example, Sveti Stefan, Gergets Novi, are perfect for a quiet vacation with children, while others – Budva, Utjeha, are interesting for large companies.

The main feature of the resorts of Montenegro is that they are well-groomed, surrounded by picturesque nature, there are many clean water bodies and greenery. In some mountainous regions, you can combine a summer sea holiday with a trip to the snow-capped peaks. At first glance, resorts can confuse you with noise and large groups of tourists, but hiding in the labyrinths of old streets, a real, sincere and friendly Montenegro blooms in front of you.

Kotor – a labyrinth of ancient secrets

Kotor is a port city that offers an unusual vacation in Montenegro, where it is best to feel the fascinating history and culture. Its ancient narrow streets, like labyrinths, stretch out on the shore of the bay, carefully wrapped in high mountains.

We recommend that you come to the old town for a few days to see the fortress of St. John, cathedrals and churches, visit the unusual neighboring city-museum (Perast), where 17 castles have been preserved. It is worth visiting Kotor for at least a few days – the spirit of adventure awaits you here!

Budva: where to go in Montenegro for a beach holiday

People come to the large tourist center of Budva for a good beach holiday. There are 5 beaches in the city, so it is easy to find a place to relax for couples with children and lovers of noisy fun. The most noisy and youthful Slavyansky beach is only 15-20 minutes from the hotel. Mogren beaches are also spread within the city, they are best visited by vacationers with the whole family – it is clean, quiet and not deep here.


Rest by the sea is the main direction for which people come to Montenegro. Rafailovici is a small settlement with a clean and cozy beach. The coastline is inseparable from the neighboring beach in Becici, like its continuation. Rest here is quiet and peaceful, despite the large influx of tourists during the peak season. Its special atmosphere and the hospitality of the locals make for a cozy holiday.

All paths lead to Tivat

Tivat serves as a starting point for many travelers in Montenegro, because from here you can always find a convenient and fast route to any corner of the country. A real port city has prepared amazing ideas of what to see and where to go on an excursion:

  1. take a walk along the embankment near beautiful yachts;
  2. visit the botanical garden;
  3. go to the islands of flowers and the Mother of Mercy, tourists are brought here on an excursion by boat.

Perast – another Venice

We recommend going to rest to the sea in Montenegro in Perast. The old village is favorably spread along the sea coast. In 5 minutes by boat, small bulk islands are available, the largest is Gospa od Skrpela, where a beautiful church rises.

Ancient architecture and modern tourist infrastructure have merged favorably in Perast. Some unique castles and mansions are used as hotels, so you have the opportunity not only to see the grandeur of the Mediterranean buildings, but also to live in them.

Herceg Novi – get lost in the green!

The most beautiful town, which is surrounded by greenery, amazing trees and plants, will gladly welcome guests. This place is a unique location in Montenegro, where you can go “to see everything at once.” Swim in clear waters at Zanjica Beach, take a boat ride to Mamula Island, and then climb Orjen Mountain to ski. Surprisingly, winter and summer meet here.

The village of Sveti Stefan – visiting the king

Island of St. Stefan, where you can have a royal holiday in Montenegro, is known for the country’s most popular attraction – Villa Milochek (the king’s residence) is open to the public here, though only for guests of an expensive hotel on the island and guests of a chic restaurant.

For budget tourists on the island of Montenegro, you can also have an interesting time:

  1. take a day for a walk in the Durmitor National Park;
  2. see the ruins of the Cathedral of St. George.

Ulcinj – where to go on excursions in Montenegro

The resort near the border with Albania is interesting for its unusual sandy beaches and a wide variety of attractions. In the city, they invite you to see the Citadel, go to Cytin, where the Blue Palace, the palace of King Nikola I, churches are well preserved, and the highlight of the tour will be the royal theater “Zetsky House”. You can relax from the bustle of the city while taking a boat trip on Lake Skadar.

Žabljak – a place to visit in winter

It is not necessary to pay dearly for a winter vacation in the mountains. Zabljak is a nice village where budget tourists should go to Europe for the New Year. This place is especially relevant for young people, because this is the best option where to go for snowkiting. In this area, popular tourist routes to mountain lakes, Dzhurdzhevich’s bridge, Mount Savin Kuk.

Kolasin – the center of ski holidays in Montenegro

Winter holidays in Montenegro will appeal to both families with children and young people. A big advantage of the resort is affordable prices for hotels and ski equipment. Ski and snowboard slopes are equipped with high quality, so entertainment will bring pleasure to everyone – from beginners to professionals. For a change of scenery, you can go see the sights (National Park, lakes, Moraca monastery).

When is the best time to relax in Montenegro

Vacation in Montenegro portends to be unusual, interesting and comfortable, and all thanks to a comfortable climate and a wide variety of destinations for tourism at any time of the year. Small in area, this European country surprises with an abundance of climatic features, because its individual regions are located in different climatic zones. Many hotels are guided by these features, forming seasonal housing prices and companies that offer car rentals to tourists.

High season

Traveling around Montenegro from the first time is not easy, because in order to cover all the places where you should go, to see the outlandish natural beauties, cultural and architectural heritage, you will have to allocate more than one month for the trip. Colorful resort places or quiet villages, noisy youth centers or mountainous areas – choose the direction that is closer to your liking, then you will be able to navigate the best season for your vacation.

On the beaches off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, where it is better to relax in Montenegro in the summer, it is comfortable and cozy, because the air temperature does not exceed 30 ºС, and the water warms up well for water fun. The height of the swimming season in the middle of summer in the Bay of Kotor, where we recommend going on a beach holiday from the beginning of May, will please only those who tolerate extreme heat well.

Montenegro is an inexpensive option where to go on vacation in September abroad at sea. At this time of the year, the velvet season is the perfect time for a quiet and relaxing family holiday with children. The scorching summer sun is not so active, and the water surface is still perfectly warmed up.

low season

Montenegro in May is an interesting and inexpensive option where to go abroad with children. At this time of the year, many resorts by the sea are just getting ready to actively welcome guests, but in Kotor and Hergets Novi warm days please earlier, so you can return home from Montenegro with a beautiful tan and good mood even in the low season.

In the off-season (April-May and October-November) the weather is quite changeable, so be prepared for frequent rains and cool winds. In October, it is better to go to Montenegro to the shores of the Bay of Kotor, because in Budva and Becici at this time, autumn rightfully comes into its own.

In November, in Montenegro, where it is profitable and cheap to travel on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, active preparations for winter attractions and original mountain tourist routes begin. There are still very few vacationers at the end of autumn, but with the advent of a snowy winter, a new breath seems to be opening up in the resorts of Montenegro, because it is profitable to go to the Zabljak ski resort here.

Last minute tours to the resorts of Montenegro

You can cheaply go to Montenegro in between the hot beach holiday season and the winter New Year’s fairy tale. From March to early May and from late September to December, prices drop sharply, and tourists on the streets of ancient cities are becoming less and less common. Such Montenegro will appeal to those who like to quietly and slowly get acquainted with the sights of the city.

Sometimes you can buy last-minute tours to Montenegro cheaper, which you can go on an excursion in the middle of summer, just keep in mind that you will not have much time to collect and prepare documents.

Cuisine: cafes and restaurants of Montenegro

Local cuisine is like a huge multi-national cookbook, because over the years of its formation it has absorbed the best traditions and tastes from all neighboring cultures. Even the pickiest gourmet will like the color and assortment.

If you decide to go to Montenegro for the first time in the coastal regions, you should definitely try fish dishes, such as traditional chorba, and in the mountains you will be surprised by the variety of meat and dairy dishes (lamb in milk, Negush steak or tsitsvara).

You can order national dishes in any cafe or restaurant, and the prices are quite democratic even in the high season: for a family dinner (4 people) in an expensive establishment you will pay 70 €, and in a cafe – up to 30 €. You can also buy delicious natural delicacies of Montenegro in special shops in the markets.

Resorts in Montenegro