These Habits May Be Leaving Your Breasts SAG and Fallen

Having a baby, breastfeeding and accumulate birthdays, all this contributes to a loss of elasticity of the collagen, the connective tissue under the skin, giving your more flaccid than firm. But this can also be a matter of Genetics: If your mother had a pair of sagging breasts, you may have a predisposition to have them too.
However, what few people know is that some simple day to day behaviors may actually contribute to the breasts more flaccid and sagging. They are:
What contributes to sagging breasts?
Escape the diet
Each time you win and lose weight, and crosses by the concertina effect, the feared breast tissue suffers from this stretch-and-pulls and ends up with more slack and sagging.
Being a smoker
Or your breasts can escape the damage that smoking can cause. Any amount of smoke weakens and ages the skin, reducing the blood supply to the skin surface.
Do not use sunscreen
Expose your skin to UV rays without a solar protection coating can cause premature wrinkles, and has the same effect on your chest, making stretch collagen being detrimental to the skin structure.
Wear low support Bras
Neglecting the use of a sports bra or reinforced, especially during exercising, not offering adequate support to breasts is a great reason to stay down. The more your breasts bounce around, more stressed the breast skin and collagen become.
Practice high-impact exercises
Some experts argue that the movement of back-and-forth repetitive that happens when you run or do some similar impact training can lead to a degradation of the collagen.