The Social Democrats Fear Higher Mobile Prices

A new EU proposal to scrap the roaming rates within the EU, can mean higher mobile prices here at home feel the social democrats.

It should be so good-a new proposal from the EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, can mean a farewell to roaming charges within the EU.

Thus, consumers will get the same price, regardless of whether they are calling at home or in another EU country.

But the Socialist MEP Christel Schaldemose, fear that it might mean generally higher prices at home.

-“We’re all about swings and carousels. I believe that a roamingfrit Europe can be done. But I fear that it will be the non-traveller Europeans who ends up with the Bill for the current proposal, “she says to our site.

A Europe without roaming rates, are only part of a comprehensive telecommunications package from the EUROPEAN UNION, which also opens up major telcos that can cover several countries in the EU, rather than the model we know today, where each country typically has several small companies.