The Next Version of Android Will Protect The Factory Reset to Stop The Theft

If we have the bad luck that rob us of our little Android device serves screen anti-theft lock and other protections that we put him so that the thief will not able to use our mobile, since surely the first thing you do is turn off the mobile, access to the recovery, and factory data reset our device so that it can be used without problems, but esto will change from the next version of Android.

Google It has been confirmed that the next version of Android will have protected the factory reset to make the device in case of theft totally disabled, thus complying with pressures from the authorities of the United States who want these measures to curb the number of thefts, since if the thief cannot use the mobile would no longer have to have reasons to steal it.

They have not given more information, it is completely unknown how this protection will work but surely is asking for a password to be able to reset the factory data from the recovery. Surely we have to wait until they presented the next version of Android in the coming weeks.

Apple He added a similar feature in iOS7 called blockade of activation, which has reduced the rate of theft of the iPhone by 29% during the first five months of 2014 in the United States.