The First Tablets Kodak Android Will Arrive This Summer and Will Be Manufactured by Archos

The times move and companies must adapt to them as best as possible. Kodak takes much trying to enter the market of Android devices, and began with a little successful IM5 which, in truth, was insufficient in all. The most recent attempt in terms of mobile was the Kodak Ektra who, although better, still did not give the size.

But the manufacturer has not been there, and they also want to enter the market of Android tablets. To do this they have reached an agreement with the French manufacturer Archos for who is responsible for constructing them. With this step, they hope to gain a foothold among the companies dedicated to our dear green Android devices.

Kodak and Archos have come to an agreement so the latter manufacture the tablet intended to launch this summer, which will include 3G connectivity and an 8MP rear camera.

The press release which reached us today says that, in addition to this partnership, they intend to make a tablet to the market in the summer of this 2017. But not have been limited to say this, but that they have anticipated that the new device’s camera will be of 8 MP on the back, which will have 3G connectivity.

The future tablet manufactured by Archos, Kodak will also, with pre-installed applications for they say, “the lovers of photography”, but we don’t know if they are the same found in the Kodak Ektra or there will be changes in this aspect. To see if these statements are met, we will have to wait for the summer and see the new device.