Tested: Shaving Cream Moisturizer of Johnnie Black

More a new line of products for male grooming comes to the market, this time is the 9 Point, known for producing professional cosmetics, which if adventure in the universe of men with Johnnie Black.

Tested Shaving Cream Moisturizer of Johnnie Black

I tested the Shave Cream (or shaving cream, in good Portuguese), one of the 7 products that were released within that line, and I ended up with feelings equivocal with respect to the product.

What pleased me

Not to be a foam and yes a shaving cream, almost a gel, it is much easier to control the design of the beard and not even having this need to know that the readers that want the facial hair well trimmed and with a design that is cool to greatly enhance this characteristic.

The action of the product makes it a lot easier the shave, providing a sliding blade very easy and accurate, with very low danger of cuts and accidents. Post shaving the skin becomes soft and smooth, note that the hydration works, at least in the first few hours.

What did not please me

The scent of the product reminds the Halls – that’s right, the drops with a strong taste of mint or mint – it is a little exaggerated and artificial. I prefer something more discrete or neutral.

As if that weren’t enough, the smell, the Shave Cream line Johnnie Black also comes in the category of shaving creams that try to cool off and only do a burn. Ball out!

Application and shaving

The application is simple like any other product of this type: just wash your face with hot water to open the pores, apply the cream, pass the knife gently and rinse then with cold water to close the pores.


The price seems to me a little more competitive for a national product of a line practically unknown, I think 70 real (here) a high value, even for a 150 ml bottle, it could be something more accessible. By way of comparison, the Shave Solution from the Dr. Jones (that we resenhamos here), can be found for less than 40 reais.