Ten Basic Tips to Practice Trekking and Camping

Check out below a list of ten basic tips to practice trekking and camping :

  1. Search and discover the place, is safer than venturing into “dark”;
  2. Always bring a small backpack or Fanny Pack with food, clothes recently, flashlight and single cable;
  3. Always bring a canteen with water;
  4. Always practice the sport with comfortable clothes and suitable for the activity;
  5. accidents can occur at any time or place. Find out about places where they can be rescued people rugged;
  6. never use a new footwear on the road, use it before to practice the sport. A blister on my foot can disrupt the income;
  7. be aware that at any time during the journey there may be the need to return to the beginning. May be due to a heavy rainfall, animal attack, destroyed trails and so on;
  8. if you’re practicing trekking or camping at night take your safety equipment, flashlights with batteries recently at campingship, cool clothes and stuff to start a fire;
  9. always keep in mind that during a trekking or campingyou and your group will be alone. Be self-sufficient, do not rely on anyone;
  10. Walk always in Duo or group, never go out alone. If some unforeseen event happen you will have someone to help you or call an ambulance.

This list represents only a few basic tips, more information can be seen in the text “Walking Trails” of this blog.