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In the course of 1982, at the initiative of the UN, talks started between Afghanistan and Pakistan in Geneva. Initially, Iran was also supposed to participate, but this country withdrew at the last minute. The first round of discussions ended in June ‘to the satisfaction of the discussion partners’. A month later, talks also took place in Moscow between the US and the USSR on the Afghan problem. For the time being, however, that problem was not resolved, and the internal struggle continued.┬áPartly because of the significant desertion from the Afghan army, the government took some measures in the course of 1981 lowering the military age to 20 and then to 19; conscription itself was extended from two to three years. This did not lead to a way out of the impasse, but the strongly divided resistance also failed to do so, despite the formation of a new partnership that was formed in Mar. 1982 was closed. A renewed appeal from the UN in Nov. 1983 to allow Afghanistan to choose its own form of government without outside intervention also failed. From 1979, Russian troops and the army of the Afghan government tried several times without success to conquer the strategically located Panshir Valley from the resistance. The leader of this persistent seat of resistance was Ahmed Shah Massud. He concluded a truce with the Russians in April 1983 that lasted into 1984, although the clashes intensified again in the spring of 1984. Check constructmaterials for Afghanistan in 1998.