Synoptik: Your Glasses as a Smartphone

The future offers perhaps on glasses, which can be used for you today uses the smart phone to it.

Glasses may in the future be like a new smartphone for you, so you can check emails, answer calls and watch tv directly through the glasses. This is the opinion of Malls, which are not in doubt that the technology behind Google Glasses will change on the Committee they have on the shelves in the Malls.

Google showed in 2012 the first prototypes of Google forward Glasses, which in short is an interactive spectacle which can take pictures, record video and answer phone calls. The first “real” Google Glasses are expected on the market by the end of 2013.

Synoptik also believe that Google Glasses have set in motion a development, which within the next year to change eyeglass market significantly.

-“Google has undoubtedly made some visible perspectives, one of just five years ago would have regarded as the wildest Sci-Fi,” predicts Thomas Koefoed, marketing director at Malls.

Google Glasses are right now just a technology, as without on the frames. But Malls think that we in a few years will have glasses, where all functionality is fully integrated in both the frame and glass.

-“All the technology that we already have in our smartphones, in a few years will be to find in our glasses. Already now there are cars, where the actual dashboard sits in the windshield. Why should it not be possible to transfer the technology to brilleglasset, so you both can stream series and read mails direct via brilleglasset? “says Poul o. Kuhberg, as is account manager in Malls.

Synoptik is working on, to be ready for the technology and also expect that it will be glasses you can find on the shelves in their shops within a few years.