Swipp Launches Independent Payment App

MobilePay main competitor to mobile payment jumps out as an independent app with new features.

The popular MobilePay payment app brings renewed competition from Swipp, an app that combines banking functions with the transfer of money.

Now will the individual banking applications from more than 70 of the nation’s banks and financial institutions-minus Danish Bank merger, an independent app, Swipp.

With Swipp app lets you transfer money between users, and pay in the stores that take in against payment solution. The threshold value is up to 10,000 dollars, so you too can make major purchases with Swipp.

The new app will also offer a new design, with a simpler user interface that also offers customers an overview of account deposits and withdrawals.

Simpler Setup and use

You must be a customer in one of the participating banks and be at least 15 years to be able to use the Swipp. You already have one of the affected banking apps, you will receive a link to the new app.

Setup requires that you have an easy-ID as well as Danish address and social security number. You can then select a four-ciffret code and you can now use the Swipp.
Transfers are made through the app, but is so far reserved for users. Danske Bank’s customers can, however, receive money via the application, if they sign up online here.

Will you pay by Swipp in a business, you must let the Clerk to scan a QR code on your phone, and then you can approve the deal and the money is transferred.
The app is free and you can download Swipp for Android here and Swipp for iOS here.

Rates at erhverskunder

The banks behind the Swipp working at the same time working hard to get businesses and shops to take payment solution for themselves. It happens via an integration of kasseapparattet and the app, so stores can get to invest in dedicated hardware for mobile payment.

First major chain of stores will be nearly 300 stores, Matas, if from today can receive mobile payments via Swipp.

Banks and financial institutions behind the Swipp counts today about 750,000 customers, against approximately 2.5 million MobilePay users.