Swimming Prodigy Aims for Olympic Gold

Since his sister swimming competition was Ian also came into contact with this sport. After he has overcome his allergy claws, he proves to be a natural. Very soon was nicknamed Torpedo????.


13 October 1982 Ken and Margaret Thorpe has a son, Ian. He was born in Sydney, Australia. He has a sister who is three years older, Christina.
Ian was a true sportsman, in his early youth, he played cricket, rugby and has about seven years practicing football. Since his sister swimming competition was Ian also came into contact with this sport. After he has overcome his allergy claws, he proves to be a natural. He was soon nicknamed Torpedo????.

In The Water

With a length of 1.98 meters, a weight of 90 kg and shoe size 52, he is an exception in Simba’s world. He has a armwijdte of 1.90 meters and a swimming stroke of 2.7 meters. Some say that with such big feet of Ian advantage, they seem natural flippers. Ian, they are certainly not a disadvantage, it can result in high water swim suppress his resistance. Even his opponents suffer from many water needed disadvantage he splashes while swimming.
Because of his great stamina and tremendous strength in his legs, he was like a boat moves through the water. He used unlike his fellow swimmers gliding strokes, retrieves an arm the other.
In 1997, he stands at fifteen for the first time on the podium, he swam in the Australian team for the Pan Pacific was the games in Fukoka. A period with many wins have come. He shows particularly strong opponent of the Dutch Pieter van den Hoogenband.

Thorpe and Twin Towers

In September 2001 Ian visit New York and decide to pay a visit to the famous World Trade Center. Halfway he discovers that he has left his camera in his hotel lies, and he decides to go back to get it.
Arriving at his hotel, he sees to his horror that pierced the Twin Towers of the plan. How lucky that he went to retrieve his camera. How would the swimming world have looked like if he had continued to its original destination.

Stop And Comeback

24-year-old swimming wonder until elected four times until the World Swimmer of the Year in 2000 and Australian youngster of the year and now has five Olympic gold medals richer, the camp for a long time with the after effects of the glandular fever and damage to his hand. He is increasingly difficult to find the motivation to go to the pool for one or more courses.
In March 2006, he fails to appear at the Commonwealth Games. He had a victory to become the record, he had ten gold. The chances that he will get this mail but his name is small, want to stop the next Games in 2010 and Ian has previously announced after the Olympics in 2008.
In November 2006, but expresses Ian during a press conference to go all the way to stop swimming, he finds there is no longer a priority and can not muster motivation.
?? I should not really quit, because I’m too young. But there is something to celebrate, I’ve had a wonderful career ??, says the Australian who moved to America shortly before.
In the beginning of February 2011 Ian gives a press conference where he announced that he is back in competitive swimming. He has set a goal to really qualify for the Olympic Games in 2012. He qualified for the 100 and 200 meters freestyle, but pulled both distance honorary stage is not.