Swedish Men’s Fashion’s Most Powerful

When Manolo for the first time interviewed Örjan Andersson in March 2005 had Örjan just found a bathroom in a friend’s room for making your own screen printing. Just over four years later, Vidyasagar project Weekday with Cheap Monday had been bought by H & M, reached international success to today sold in approximately 30 countries. Now has also been appointed as Mr Örjan Swedish fashion’s most powerful person of the King.
“It has gone very quickly. But has also been a lot of fun. I still remember that bathroom. It was super cool to do any screenprinting myself even if it was a bit awkward to have to take a break whenever someone had to go to the bathroom. Today it is a little easier, says Örjan Andersson.

Can such a big brand Cheap Monday Weekday and retain the personal feeling? -It’s a very interesting question. I try all the time to build on the original feeling we had at the start. But it is a very fine balancing act.
Is perhaps the most characteristic model Tight has well been closest by a Swedish design icon. How do you see yourself on tight?
It is our very first fit that I have carried since 2004. Stretch fabric makes it a real unisex model that suits both boys and girls at the same time as it’s a very classic jeans model.

Recently hired you, Ann-Sofie Back as Chief Designer. What will it mean for Mr part?
“It will mean a lot for our uppers. I have always said that the ambition of hiring Ann-Sofie is to give the collection a better overall feel and a clearer common thread. At the same time, the jeans will always be the starting point. Ann-Sofie seems like I like jeans so it should be no problem to be able to produce even good uppers.

Finally, how do you see the King’s appointment as Swedish men’s fashion’s most powerful person?
-I’m obviously really pleased and proud. At the same time, I am no power crazy person. But I’ll see if I can figure out a way to take advantage of the award.
Per Nilsson, editor in Chief of the King behind the list 100 most powerful Swedish men’s fashion; This is the third year the King presents the list. How has Mr fashions changed in those three years?
-Interest in menswear continues to increase steadily. Already three years ago began the men the courage to be more accepted and development remained positive. Fashion is even more fashion today.

How has the power and influence over men’s clothing habits changed?
-It’s no secret that fashion bloggers while becoming more and more even more power. Today there are very many people with great influence. We have always wanted to create an honest list as possible which is why we have selected people from different backgrounds and with a variety of occupations. All of which might affect the US men in the way we dress ourselves.

What makes Örjan Andersson to this year’s winner?
-Simply because he designs and provide us with the fashion world’s top universalplagg, jeans. H & M’s purchase of Weekday and Cheap Monday have strengthened Grazi position further.
Otherwise might not jeans is the most characteristic garment of prevailing fashion?
Jeans is definitely a timeless garments. Although it is not the most trendy, see jeans always with. The only thing that’s different from season to season’s washes.

Do you have any jeans from Cheap Monday?
-No, not really. I don’t think the editor laughed as much as three years ago, when I tried on a pair of Red Cheap Monday jeans. There is absolutely no errors on the jeans but the problem was rather my body in combination with the fit. Orjan, however, told yesterday that Cheap Monday now has over 30 different styles so it really starts to get location to test a new pair.

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