Sweatsuit+White=Winter Combo

Yesterday there was a story with my humble participation in Veja São Paulo. In it, I talked about how the SWEATSUIT (which, in the last season of parades shone on the runways), can be a great option for those who enjoy a estilinho hi-lo. For those who want to take a look at the full article, simply click here. But then I decided to take the idea of sweater, and take you to the latest instances in this Monday. First, I decided that the upper part of the SWEATSUIT was easy. Hard was leaving mounted using a pair of sweats. Then, I decided to join the SWEATSUIT with the biggest trend this winter: the white chic.

Vixe, got out of control. Moleton pants + white + chic + winter? 5 speed type in the dance créu.

OK, Let’s break it down:

The Sweatshirt pants is not a normal Sweatshirt pants. No, you’re not going with your Pajamas on the street. Mine is a fabric of sarouel pants SWEATSUIT. Remember me until I’ve traveled with her so comfortable that queer? As it is, but then, it’s going to take the cat at be chic for you view.

My solution was to opt for just the white-winter chic. Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but left in every fashion magazine this is the winter of winter white. Not that we follow these things ipsis litteris, but the good of winter white is that everyone has a bunch of white stuff in the closet, huh?

Just to explain a little about the trend before entering the look, the winter white is not there these white people all. Is a white kind of ivory, a little raw, you know? A little bit warmer than the traditional white. And the secret to use it in winter of course is the overlap.

Well, to go with my pants sarouel SWEATSUIT, chose a thin shirt and longer white and an ivory brazer. The blazer was the perfect complement to give an Executive air to whole thing.

Another thing that made a difference was to hold the hair in a bun with the most altinho tuft. The hair up always look more produced pro look and, in the case of production with SWEATSUIT, that was super welcome.

Finally, the two golden bracelets maxi gave a touch of glamour. The gold is another good tips to match your winter white look.

Oh! And the plot of the picture up there? It was the scarf that completed the look but not finished entering in the photos.   I promise you, he enters the next.