Snow Glam Le Professional Nail Polishes

Meanwhile, the LE is already as good as anywhere almost sold out, but I had before unfortunately no time to post these two nail polishes, but still would like to do.

I bought these two, there was the red as secret Santa gift along with a few other odds and ends. Greetings to this point to dear Patrizia and many good wishes, good improvement!

A nail design I made with the white, “010 snow white”, namely the → “Space Nails”.

The gray paint, “030 Glitter Grey” I save me for new year’s Eve. I love the color!

Both are high, the glitter is colourful and sparkles in all colors. “030 Glitter Grey” is grey/silver opaque glitter, while “010 snow white” is transparent glitter – thus as glitter topcoat is portable, but individually very pretty also with several layers. I bought two “010 snow white”, because the multi-glitter better much I like as a simple, silver or a different color einfarbiger. Here at answermba you can get more different models and styles.

“030 Glitter Grey” reminds a bit of → “You Rock My World” H & M, which however a Hololack is and much brighter. But thanks to the colorful glitter, he can get but very close.

Both lacquers are well made with 3 layers. “030 Glitter Grey” covers with 2 thicker layers may also, at “010 snow white” it depends on whether you wear it individually or using a different paint – individually 3 coats look very pretty.

Both coatings can be found also on → Lacquerama.
Now also with → “Angora CARDI” by essie updated.

Except the paints I took out the “snow Glam” LE still the brush, the rest was not so interested in, though I’m always about, to take the nail design box..

Have you also found what for you?