SMS-Crash on the TDC Network Was Human Error

Human error was to blame in a fight Wednesday morning SMS-crash for customers on TDC’s network. Read about the error here.

Wednesday morning had millions of customers on TDC’s network in Denmark, Norway and Sweden problems with sending and receiving Sms and MMS messages.

According to the TDC was due to crash an update of the servers, which stands for the broadcast of messages.

-“An employee has apparently come to insert a command that should not have been there. The command, we have discovered and removed again Bell 8.55, where systems began to run normally again,” explains Camilla Sebelius J, communications advisor in TDC, to our site.

The error was therefore a “human and unfortunate typo”, which meant that SMS and MMS component was down for about five hours for about half the mobile clients on TDC’s network in the Nordic region.

It is unknown how many Danes who have been affected, since TDC has two SMS servers, and only one has been hit by the bug.