Smartwatch X Wristwatch From The Point Of View Fashion

There are more or less 1 year Motorola showed the Australian public your first smartwatch clock, the Bike 360, but other brands already showed similar products without, however, achieve a result as good as regards design, because the gadget was what most resembled the conventional wristwatch next LG G Watch.

Following such events began a debate on the future of this type of device and if he one day could replace the traditional watches.Obviously a lot of people ran to defend Swiss mechanisms and the craftsmanship of the watchmakers, while others readily decreed the smartwatches as being the evolution that the clocks needed to keep up with current technology. Even here in the men’s Channel we have come to discuss about this podcast.

Despite having already formed an opinion on the matter, I asked the folks at Motorola a Moto 360 for testing, but not only to evaluate the performance of the appliance during everyday tasks and to find out if he can fit in the wardrobe of the modern man, by merging the casual or formal attire, after all what good is a ultra technological watch if he can’t keep up with you on a daily basis?

The model received for testing was the one on the left, completely black.

The look of the Moto 360 helps a lot, because he, until your release, was one of the few that resembled a normal clock, both for your rounded shape, as for its dimensions, and it is precisely for this reason that the Moto 360 is the object of this comparison. Other similar products took my wrist in a way unnatural, given the efforts of brands to create a reduced screen that allowed the touch and interactivity, this is not the case with the device from Motorola struggling enough to have a display of normal size and shape which leaves our comparative well more level.

The bike 360 with metal bracelet has a most noble appearance, the leather bracelet didn’t work very well.

The leather bracelet the model tested by me is a negative point, since the option for simplicity ended up leaving with a cheap appearance and without emphasis, something that any watch over 500 real beats easily.Recently arrived in Brazil models with metal bracelet that resolve this problem with a more sophisticated as shown here.

But the bigger problem of smatwatches is not exactly in the format or the bangles, much less in size, in my view the great counter point is display. In a luxury watch, be it formal or sporty, the display concentrates most of the elements that show your value, their functions, the plight and the signature of each brand, in smartwatches we have just a black screen in 90% of the time due to battery saving, and even on her artificial in appearance if not equals a nice wristwatch.In casual looks that goes unnoticed, can use the gadget quietly and even gives to match some men’s bracelets, but when we experience the play with formal attire unfortunately nothing works of aesthetic point of view and that black ball on the wrist is really uncomfortable!

With casual clothes he does well, but lembtre that most of the time the screen is off, she just turns on with the touch the side button or with the sensor.

From the functional point of view the Moto 360 is very nice: do cardiac monitoring, mark the numbers of steps taken and calories burned as well as connect to the smartphone to easily display temperature, alerts, text messaging, maps and routes, allowing even play or pause in sound files. The simple and colorful interface is easy to read, simply turn your wrist to roll the alerts and messages. The only drawback is that when they appear on the main screen are damaging the design of the dials which are diverse, ranging from classical to digital. To me the battery has lasted some 10 hours, which is not much, the advantage is that the charger doesn’t take to load it, but it would be even better if it were possible to connect it to the laptop to not depend on taken.

Another examples of Bike 360 notification screens.

Combine a smartwatch clock with casual clothes is not difficult, because if the details are not your high point, your visual clean just compensating, creating a piece that can be used with a costume that unites jeans, t-shirt, Plaid Shirt and jacket to ride or even a shorts and t-shirt dry fit to physical exercises. In the case of the Moto 360 also can Add straps of leather or metal to make a visual rocker, or accounts, nautical cables and cords to something lighter, your design allows.

In costume to work can also fit the smartwatch clock since the dress code of the company to be liberal and allow mixing pieces of various styles, but as I said, it’s time to combine it with a suit the piece is moved and don’t have the same visual effect of a classic and stylish watch.


If you’re a fan of high-tech products and believes that this gadget will facilitate your daily tasks, I would say that the investment of 1,099 (metal strap model) can be worth it, since you already have a good watch with leather bracelet in the drawer, as on occasion (a wedding, for example) it is fundamental and irreplaceable.

The operation of the Moto 360 with my Moto X is perfect and I think Motorola should think about creating a package where the purchase of the two gadgets together generated a considerable discount, would make many people think about it, including me!

Note: I made a point to try the Moto 360 for being the smartwatch clock with greater resemblance to a common clock, but had other devices of type on hand and know well the design of each, with the exception of Apple Watch, but despite finding it a beautiful piece, I know that he suffers from the same problem reported above, the black screen.