SmallPod Air-First Look at Danish Design Loudspeakers

Web TV: came quite close to SmallPod Air speakers for iPhone and iPad-both the design and the sound is nice.

The Royal firm Scandyna, known for their iconic speaker design, is on the road with new speakers, providing the music more justice than Smartphone flimsy speaker.

SmallPod Air is designed specifically for use with iPhone, Mac and iPad, since they support Apple Airplay that can send music wirelessly from your phone to the speakers-but they are also available in a version with Bluetooth.

The set consists of two drivers, who can be put on the supplied spikes, who raises them up a bit. In addition, there is also the speaker cable and AUX cable, so other phones than Apple’s, also can be used.

In the above web-TV feature we go in depth with the product, together with Daniel Pond from Scandyna. There is talk about a completely exclusive review, since the speakers first is in stores in November.

SmallPod Air is available in the colors black, white and red. The price is around 4,500 crowns for a set.