Sights of Mongolia

Sights of Mongolia

Of particular value in Mongolia are objects – a legacy from the great empire of Genghis Khan. No less interesting are the Buddhist temples and the amazing wonders of nature, whether it be the desert, waterfalls, mountains or rivers. Like any other capital, Ulaanbaatar is a concentration of the country’s cultural life, there are a lot of temples, monuments, museums and other attractions. Popular are the Bell of Peace, the mausoleum of the country’s national hero Sukhe-Bator, the Khan’s Headquarters with beautiful statues, the temples of Gandan and Zhanrai-Sing, as well as the winter palace of Bogdykhan. The archaeological park Karakorum (Khara-Khorin) has the greatest historical value; from the 13th to the 15th centuries, it was the capital of the empire of Genghis Khan. Here you should definitely visit the first Buddhist temple in the history of the country, Erdene-Zu, the remains of the palace of Khan Ogedei, the sacred mountain with the Zumod monastery and, of course, the city ruins. Fans of antiquity will be interested in rock paintings in the canyon of the Chulut River and in the Chultyn-Gol region. The world’s rarest collections of Jurassic and Cretaceous fossils are remarkably well-preserved in the Gobi desert. Khovsgul (Khovsgol) is a famous natural landmark of Mongolia, this lake was recognized as the deepest in Central Asia. In addition, it impresses with a huge area of ​​2760 km², being in 14th place in the world list for fresh water reserves. A special micro-world has been formed around the lake, surrounded by majestic mountains, beautiful meadows with bright colors and a large number of wild animals. Many people call this place “Mongolian Switzerland”, it is so unlike the rest of the country’s landscapes.

National cuisine of Mongolia

According to ebizdir, the undisputed leaders of the Mongolian table are a variety of meat and dairy products. The cuisine in Mongolia is nutritious and very fatty, it is even recommended to stock up on appropriate medicines if you have a weak stomach. Most often, the Mongols cook goat meat and lamb, and beef and horse meat are also found in dishes, but less often. Perhaps it is difficult to find a country with such a variety of meat dishes as in Mongolia. Among the most popular, it is worth noting “khorhog” from boiled lamb. Vegetarians here, unfortunately, will have to be not hefty ingenuity in order to find a non-meat dish. Vegetables and fruits in the local cuisine are extremely scarce. On the other hand, Mongolia is a real expanse for lovers of dairy products. Here you can find koumiss, yogurts, national drinks ayran, and many others. Even tea in this country is most often served with milk, pre-boiled it properly. In Mongolia, pies “khushur” with horsemeat and “bortsog” are often prepared, which are fried heartily in a pan in a large amount of oil. Alcohol in Mongolia may seem very exotic, here they often drink local vodka from mare’s milk “archi”.


Mongolia has a large railway line. The Trans-Mongolian Railway crosses the country from north to south, starting at the border with Russia at the Trans-Siberian Railway and passing through Ulaanbaatar, connecting with the Chinese rail network. Most of the roads in Mongolia are gravel or unpaved, and the road connections are established by buses. Renting all-wheel drive jeeps and horses as the country’s traditional transport is also popular among tourists. Mongolia is popular among motorcyclists due to perfectly flat steppes for many kilometers. There is only one Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Mongolia, which is located near the capital Ulaanbaatar, there are a number of airports for domestic flights.

Currency exchange in Mongolia

The most convenient option for a traveler is to enter Mongolia with dollars, which will be exchanged for local currency (tugriks) in large cities of the country, it is better to go to the outback with local cash. The least popular currency for exchange is the EURO. Currency exchange is carried out in banks and special exchange offices, the exchange rate between which differs slightly. It is worth avoiding private “changers” that are found in markets and tourist places. They lure clients with good rates, but very often they cheat.

Sights of Mongolia