Sharp Photos of LG’s Nexus 5 X Drop Loose

Google’s replacement for Nexus 5 has been caught on camera. The new photos show all details.

The American news blog AndroidPIT has got his fingers in, what looks like the most compelling photos of LG’s upcoming Nexus 5 x so far.

This is the successor to the soon-to-be two years old Nexus-mobile from Google last year was replaced by the enormous Nexus 6 phone. For those users who want a more pocket-friendly alternative is therefore the obvious replacement 5 x Nexus.

The new Nexus is seen pictured next to the Nexus 5 underneath, and it can be seen how the new model will maintain plastic construction, but at the same time will be considerably slimmer.

Buttons have moved slightly to the South, while the back side now boasted a new camera with triple-flash, an infrared sensor, as well as a fingerprint reader.

An affordable price

The price of the upcoming Nexus 5 x rumored to be lower than the good five thousand crowns as top models typically cost. Starting price will sound at 400 $, or small three thousand crowns, which will place the phone in competition with the subtop-phones like the Motorola Moto X Play, Honor 7 or OnePlus 2.

The specifications, however, is considered to be more of a capable, with a hexa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, 16/32 GB storage space and of course a guarantee for being first with the very latest software from Google.

Several sources pointing to the launch of the LG Nexus 5 x will take place on 29 september, where it will be accompanied by the Huawei-manufactured top model Nexus 6 x.