Sexy Delicacy: Bras without Bulge

Unfurnished bras are the darling of women in love with practicality and comfort. Lightweight, pliable and super-gorgeous to wear, these models do not squeeze, hurt or transform the natural shape of the breasts.

Next, check out a list of six versions – it’s for everyone! – with tips to tear up! Ah! All styles are available at Le Lingerie. And the best: you can split up to 12x on the card. Arrase!

Indications Of Bras Without Bulge

The middle or large breasts are the most suitable for this model. The bras from without bulge are only contraindicated for women with extremely small breasts, since the thick fabric is responsible for ensuring “up” extra.

Wide-brimmed versions are ideal for those with large breasts. The straps on the shoulders ensure comfort and avoid the feeling of tiredness throughout the day. Also opt for reinforced materials. Support  First! (I.e.

6 Models Of Bras Without Bulge


This style proves that bras without bulge are not bland. Choose panties and teasing accessories to ensure even more sweeping results.


This is the tip for those who do not give up comfort and prefer light tones. Unboxed bras are basic , simple, and easy to match.

Lace + Strappy

TOTAL TREND! The combo + strappy income has  come to stay and is one of the great fashions of the season. You can wear it with a low-cut blouse, dress or that regatta with the super-wide sides. The result is visual styling and sensual in the measure.

Did You Like Bras Without Bulge?

What’s up? Are you convinced that unboxed bras are wild cards in every woman’s intimate wardrobe? To guarantee yours, go to Le Lingerie  and make your selection. If you have any doubts, do not forget to chat. We are always at your disposal to make your purchase an AMAZING experience!