Serbia Travel Overview

Serbia Travel Overview

Vacation in Serbia

Important facts

Currency: dinar

Capital: Belgrade (See more on ITYPEJOB.COM)

Continent: Europe

Tourism, shattered by the war years, is now slowly gaining momentum in Serbia.

The big cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad are particularly suitable for city tourism. Other tourist destinations are the numerous health resorts, the Kopaonik, Zlatibor and the Danube.

In Serbia there are also many fortresses and monasteries as well as a large number of lakes and gorges, the largest of which is the Iron Gate. Some of these geographical features are protected as national parks or nature reserves.

According to Countryaah, Serbia is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. In the north it borders on Hungary, in the east on Romania and Bulgaria, in the south on Macedonia on Kosovo and Albania. In the south-west, finally, to Montenegro and to the west, to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Serbia GDP - gross domestic product


Currency (sub-unit)

Dinars (100 para)

ISO 4217 code

RSD / 941


Continent: Europe

Geo coordinates: N 44 ° 0 ‘59.5 “E 21 ° 0’ 21.1”

Total area: 88,361 km²

Mainland: 88,361 km²


Dependency: economy

GDP: $ 81,982,000,000

Demographic data

Residents: 7,498,001

Birth rate: 1.78 / 1,000 residents

Death rate: 14.3 / 1,000 residents

Life expectancy men: 71 years

Life expectancy women: 76 years

Country codes and abbreviations

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: RS

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: SRB

ISO 3166 numeric: 688

Top Level Domain: rs

IOC country code: SRB


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Foundation: 1835

Last sovereign since: 2006


Arriving by plane

The national airline Air Serbia (JAT) (Internet: offers flight connections from larger German cities, Vienna and Zurich several times a week.

Montenegro Airlines (Internet: also flies several times a week from Frankfurt to Belgrade, from Zurich to Belgrade and Niš, and from Vienna to Podgorica (Montenegro).

Belgrade is also served by other larger airlines, including Lufthansa (LH), Germanwings (4U), Austrian Airlines (OS) and Swiss International (LX).

Swiss International (LX) also flies to Belgrade from Geneva.

Departure fee

1,200 Din. Children under 2 years of age and transit travelers who do not leave the airport are excluded.

Arrival by car

All border crossings are open around the clock.

The national driver’s license is sufficient. Vehicle registration and the international green insurance card must be carried. The green insurance card (with the new country name SRB) is recognized in Serbia. Without proof of liability insurance, entry into Serbia with a car will be refused.

Note: Night drives in Serbia are generally not recommended. The traffic regulations and especially the speed limits should be observed, there are frequent traffic controls.

An ADAC international emergency call stationis established (Belgrade, Tel: (011) 42 27 07). It offers ADAC members and holders of ADAC international health and accident insurance assistance with hotels, rental cars, vehicle or patient repatriation (Internet: Information and help is also available from Automoto Savez Srbije i Crne Gore (AMSJ), Ruzveltova 18, YU-11000 Beograd (Tel: (011) 40 16 99. Fax (011) 40 25 20. Internet: http: // (central numbers 987 or (011) 98 00). Long-

distance bus: Flixbus (Internet: connects Austria with Serbia. Eurolines (Internet: runs between Germany and Serbia.

Arriving by train

The Serbian railway company (Internet: offers international connections to the neighboring countries of Montenegro, Turkey and the EU countries. Connections from Germany go via Munich, Budapest or Zagreb, from Switzerland via Munich or Vienna. From Vienna there are direct connections to Belgrade. International trains mostly have dining and couchette cars.
Current information is available from the German, Austrian or Swiss railway companies.

Rail passes

InterRail: Children (4-11 years), young people (12-25 years) and adults (from 26 years) who have had a permanent residence in Europe, the CIS or Turkey for at least 6 months can use InterRail.

The InterRail One-Country Pass is available for travel in almost 30 European countries including Macedonia and Turkey and is valid for 3, 4, 6, 8 days within 1 month in one country. Children aged 4-11 travel at half the adult price.

The InterRail Global Passenables travel through several countries and is offered with different validity periods. Either 5 days out of 10 days total validity or 10 out of 22 can be selected. A continuous period of 22 days or 1 month is also possible.

Arrival by ship

The Danube (Internet: connects Serbia with other Danube countries.
The main passenger ports are Apatin, Novi Sad and Belgrade.