Secret Revealed: Amazon Tablet Will Be a 7 Inch

The launch of the new tablet from Amazon may be closer than expected.

The company has scheduled a press conference for this Wednesday, the 28th.No other information was given, which adds to the rumors that the motive would even be the announcement of your 7-inch tablet.

Contrary to most experts’ prediction, Amazon’s new tablet will not be a 10-inch at Electronicsmatter. Makes sense.Following the strategy of the big manufacturers and trying to hit the iPad 2 with no results.

The iPad 2 remains with a share of 70 to 80% of the market, even after several launches of Android competitors.

Not much is known about the new Amazon, but according to Tech crunch site editor Greg Kumparak, it will be “all that the iPad is not.”

See details:

From this statement it is possible to foresee some of its configurations:

→ It will be a device with a similar design to the Kindle.That means:small and comfortable to read in bed or put it in a briefcase or a bag.

→ Price will be one of the main selling points.The Amazon Tablet is expected to hit the market at half the price of an iPad 2, somewhere around $ 250.

→ It will run Android.With one big difference: it will be highly personalized, linked to the functions of the Amazon store.

Highlight, of course, for books, music and videos (App Store, Kindle Store, Cloud Player and Amazon’s Instant Video service).

→ The goal is not to incorporate extra features. Thus, the front and rear cameras are left out.

→ You will only have 6GB of storage.More space is possible through Amazon’s “in the clouds” storage services.

→ For now, only the Wi-Fi model.

→ The rear panel should be rubberized.In the front no extra button.

And the screen??

So far it has not been possible to find out if the Amazon Tablet will come with an e-ink technology screen, present on the Kindle.It would be natural to have, since Amazon intends to sell a device in which reading will be one of the strengths.But that would certainly raise its price.

In what Amazon can be better

Comparing just the hardware features offered by the new Kindle with the iPad evidently the Apple tablet takes clear advantage.

But, as I always say here, everything is a matter of cost x benefit.And for the $ 250 expected Amazon device can rather steal iPad 2 customers.

Perhaps its main advantage is neither in the equipment but in the huge database of Amazon.There are thousands of books, music and videos.

Finally Amazon has a consolidated experience in the cloud service, unlike Apple that has not yet geared its iClouds.