Seattle’s Sights

Seattle’s Sights

Landmarks of Seattle. The most important and interesting sights of Seattle – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

Seattle is undoubtedly considered one of the most important cities in America, because it is not only a major seaport, but also one of the cultural centers of the United States. Every year, millions of tourists come to the so-called “Emerald City” to enjoy its world-famous sights. See topschoolsoflaw for brief history of California.

Reach for the sky, or the skyscrapers of Seattle

Like many American cities, Seattle is famous for its skyscrapers, which are the main architectural decoration of the city.

The Columbia Center is one of the tallest buildings in the United States. And no wonder, because it has as many as 76 floors. This skyscraper is famous for its observation deck, located on level 73, which offers a stunning city panorama.

The second tallest skyscraper in Seattle is the famous Space Needle (“Space Spire”), which is considered a symbol of the city. It attracts tourists with the unique Sky City restaurant (“Heavenly City”), slowly spinning at a speed of one revolution in 42 minutes.

We advise you to visit the “Heavenly City” at night. In addition to a luxurious dinner, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Seattle at night, which will sparkle with millions of lights just for you and your companion.

Smith Tower (“Smith Tower”) is inferior in height to the Columbia Center and the Space Needle: this 42-story building ranks only third in the list of skyscrapers in Seattle. However, the “Smith Tower” is not remarkable for this. The fact is that Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in the city, built back in 1914. On the 35th floor of the building there is a traditional observation deck for skyscrapers, however, those who have already visited the 73rd level of the Columbia Center will hardly be surprised.

Where to walk, what to stare at and what to please yourself in Seattle

One of the most crowded and noisy places in the city is the famous Pike Place Market, located in Downtown. This is a huge multi-storey market that sells everything you can imagine: fresh fish, homemade cheeses, fragrant flowers, unfiltered beer, souvenirs, clothes, films, books and much more. It is always fun here – everyone jokes, laughs, sings and plays. On the territory of Pike Place Market there is a real cheese factory, a shop of magicians, a shop for magicians, a restaurant-brewery and other equally interesting establishments that you will certainly want to look into.

If you want to really relax – go to one of the most beautiful parks in Seattle – Kerry Park (Kerry Park). This is an urban oasis with amazing flora, the landscapes of the park can be enjoyed endlessly.

By the way, Seattle is one of the greenest American cities with more than 400 parks and squares.

Seattle is a stunning city that harmoniously combines the echoes of the past, the rhythmic present and the breath of the future. It is never boring here, there is always something to admire. That is why tourists, fascinated by Seattle, come to this city again and again.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market (USA) — detailed description, address, opening hours, how to get there. What to buy, how to bargain, reviews of tourists.

Pike Market, Pike Place Market, the city’s calling card and just a bazaar, which is visited by up to 10 million people a year, is perhaps a worthwhile place to visit, because every tourist who arrives on vacation or on business in Seattle should visit here.

Moreover, today in America only the lazy have not heard about the Pike Market, because it is the oldest market on the continent, which opened its doors in the hot August 1907. Surprisingly, this place in Seattle has already celebrated its centennial anniversary. Not a bad ad for some bazaar that sells everything 7 days a week? However, Pike Place is not just a marketplace. This is a cult place where all travelers of the city aspire to visit. We don’t know why the local shopping malls are so good, but you can’t call them boring, uninteresting or, what’s good, not abundant. And it’s true, in Pike Place, everything seems to be on sale. Fish of all varieties and sizes, colors and flavors. Books, souvenirs, antiques, fresh farm products, handmade and handicraft products, all kinds of crafts and gifts, trinkets and rustlers.

Today in America, only the lazy have not heard about the Pike Market, because it is the oldest market on the continent, which opened its doors in the hot August 1907.

But Pike Place is famous not only for shops and stalls. After all, this place can be safely called one of the main cultural centers of Seattle. Every day all sorts of musicians and artists, magicians and artists, charlatans and talents from all over the States flock here to demonstrate their skills or simply amuse the crowd.

Having seen enough, touched, sniffed and bought local goods, you should definitely look into one of the market restaurants. Fortunately, they all boast a first-class menu, trendy chefs and, of course, only the freshest ingredients.

What is especially nice, most of the dishes are seasonal. That is, during the period of a particularly marvelous pike or fragrant tomato, menus of Pike Place restaurants will abound with just these local delicacies – very tasty, very refined and very Seattle.


Address: Pike Place Market, PDA 85, Pike Street, Seattle.

Opening hours: Pike Place is open every day, farmers display their goods from 9 am, souvenir, handmade and artisans from 10 am, they close their shops as early as 4 pm. Shops at the Pike Market are open from 10:00 to 18:00, restaurants – from 6:30 to 14-15:00. Well, the main “action”, the fish market, is open from 7:00 to 18:00.

Seattle's Sights