Samsung’s Sales Scare and Apple Should Launch New Iphone Models

To avoid a fall in sales (and the loss of a market share), it is speculated that Apple should launch at least two new iPhone models in 2013.

Not that the iPhones are not selling well, far from it ( see the numbers below ).

In addition, the iPhone is one of the most profitable products in the entire technology industry.Exactly why you do not need to change much from one model to another.

The problem is that smart phones with Android (especially the Galaxy, Samsung) have fallen in the taste of consumers.For its cost/benefit at

Probable postings:

1 – iPhone 5S, with 4-inch screen, with some new features like a fingerprint sensor, improved camera with smart LED flash and most importantly – an A7 chip.

2 – iPhone Match , with a screen of 4.8 inches, to compete with Android smartphones that are coming with bigger screens.

Apple could also launch a third, cheaper, color-coded model instead of an anodized aluminum housing used in today’s models.

The iPod line already offers colorful frames, but is not used plastic but aluminum.

It is an option that can not be ruled out.But everything will depend on the number of iPhones sold in the coming months.

The iPhone 5S should have its production started in March, with release scheduled for June/July 2013.

Samsung owns the piece

Smarthphones occupy more than a third (36.7%) of the mobile phone market.

Apple and Samsung, together, accounted for 83% of all sales (read iPhone and Galaxy line).

Apple owns 18% of this cake.It is the leader of the North American market (51.2%) and Japanese (66%), but loses in Europe, Asia and South America.

A not inconsiderable number, but it is the same number of 2011. That is, Apple’s sales are stagnant.

Samsung already owns 64% of the smartphone market.

Only with the Galaxy line has it sold almost half of all devices with Android.