Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge) vs. Samsung Galaxy Touch 4 (edge): Samsunginterner Smartphonekampf

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 was very successful at the MWC rheostat above but that doesn’t change the fact that this counts note 4 to the currently best Android smartphones. Or maybe one of the edge models? For which Samsung device should you decide at the time of purchase?

Samsung offers currently two top devices in two different variants. A buyer must decide not only between the S6 and note 4, but also whether he wants to ride with or prefer the familiar flat keep screen on the shaft of the edge displays.

Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy note 4

Design and display

The S6 is chic, no question. One can even say it is the House of Samsung unrivalled thus the aluminium frame, Gorilla glass 4 front and rear. But the Immaculate unibody design has two major drawbacks: for one can be no longer taken off the back of the S6 in contrast to other Samsung smartphones, a trouble-free battery is not possible. On the other hand the device not as usual also, via an SD card slot. The internal memory is thus no longer expandable.

In comparison to the S6 with its rounded corners, that seems very edgy Note 4 and also the Kunsstoffrückseite is not nearly as much here as the noble design of the S6. But she has a clear advantage over the S6: the back of the note 4 is removable, the battery can be changed as usual.

Aside from back and frame, which is rated 4 larger and therefore heavier: 5.7″ display and 175 g. The S6 with its 5.1″ However, only 138 grams. Both Smartphones have a quad HD display with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Due to the different screen sizes, the S6 with 577 ppi has a higher pixel density than the grade 4 (515 ppi). -However, and to be honest: This difference is not visible with the naked eye, both are peak values.


The Sony IMX240 with 16MP have both the S6 and the touch 4.

16Mp are promising, but of course not the only criterion for successful photos. To make a snapshot with the S6, it is sufficient to press twice on the home button and within a second, the Smartphone is ready to snap, where also the shutter speed of the S6 stands out of the touch 4.

That however does not mean that the camera of the note of 4 would be bad. It is still better than the cameras of most available smartphones. To complain about you, moaning at the highest level would be.

Technical data & co

The technical specifications can be compared most easily tabulated:

S6 Note 4
Display 5.1 “Super AMOLED, QHD (577 ppi) 5.7 “Super AMOLED, QHD (515 ppi)
Processor Exynos 7420, octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, quad-core
Memory 3 GB 3 GB
Internal memory 32/64/128 GB, not expandable 32 GB, expandable with microSD
Camera Rear: 16 MP

Front camera: 5 MP

Rear: 16 MP

Front camera: 3.7 MP

Connectivity HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1 HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1
Battery 2,550 mAh 3.220 mAh
Dimension 143.4 x 70.5mm x 6.8mm 153.5 x 78.6mm x 8.5mm
Weight 138 g 176 g
OS Android 5.0.2, TouchWiz Android 4.4.4, TouchWiz (update on Android lollipop soon)

At this point perhaps a slightly more detailed word on the batteries. As you can see in the table, the battery power of the touch 4 with 3.220 might be mAh significantly better than you the S6 with 2,550 mAh, especially when you consider the quality of the display and the OCTA-core processor. But Samsung has argued on this point with Wireless charging, which so quickly will be the S6, that ten minutes are enough, four hours to work.


One is the most beklagtesten properties of smartphones Samsung TouchWiz samsungeigene UI, or rather the pre-installed so associated and not erasable apps.

In the S6 Samsung had announced previously, to reduce this and has actually been curbed the number of these apps. An overall faster feeling to software tests report what may of course linked to the OCTA-core processor and the new Flash memory in any case. In addition, Samsung has improved the installed fingerprint scanner: A simple hang up after pressing the home button, as we already know from the iPhone 5 and 6, is sufficient.

Because the note of 4 over the input pin S has pen, also some apps extra care tailored to coexist with this, which should make it easier to use.

Overall, the differences between the TouchWiz surfaces are very low.

Who will win?

This is primary, as so often, a matter of taste.

The S6 has a super chiques design, a super fast processor, it can be operated with one hand and allegedly, the battery can be charged an incomparably fast. The note of 4 has a stylus, an SD card slot and the popular option, very easy to replace the battery.

Galaxy S6 edge vs. Galaxy note 4 edge

In terms of facilities, the S6 Edge the S6 is nearly identical: aluminium frame, Gorilla glass 4, unibody design, the resulting not removable back, no SD card slot.

Of course but there is a crucial difference: the display follows to both sides of the rounding of the housing. Samsung added some additional software features these edges of the screen, which logically does not own the S6. For example, the lateral parts of the display in custom colors can shine. In this way, the Smartphone owner sees notifications even if the device on the display. The question arises however, how meaningful is this possibility. The majority of smartphone users therefore turns his device on the belly, to not be distracted by a constantly illuminated display.

A lighting up of the display is to detect if the device on the belly is located at the edge of the S6.

But apart from the fact that many features of the rounded display pages appear more as a gimmick, they are designtechnisch a beauty. And also from the point of view of ergonomics, it is surprising how a somewhat rounded display ensures that a Smartphone is very much more comfortable and better in the hand.

What display quality (Quad HD display, 2,560 x 1,440 pixels) and size (5.1″) goes on, the two S6 models do not differ, however.

So how is the S6 the S6 edge in terms of facilities, so also note 4 differ and Note 4 edge relatively little. The interesting difference here too in the area of the display. On the one hand is the edge to a barely noticeable 0. 1″ (Note 4: 5.7″;) Note 4 edge: 5.6″) smaller, on the other hand, and this is certainly eye-catching, is bent the screen on one side . The Smartphone is a flip cover, the Edgeteil of the screen shows what looks admittedly very good looks.

The Edgeteil of the screen looks out into a flip cover.

The side screen of the notes (In contrast to those of the S6 edge.) is also equipped with abundant functions: A wipe over the edge enough to see different panels, for example, the time or but the number of steps that is already in the pipeline. Besides the lateral part of the screen suitable to keep open the start display. Widely used apps (mail, phone book, SMS,…), typically on the home page are, back here on the side extra screen.

Also samsungeigene apps take advantage of the additional part of the screen makes sense: so shutter, zoom the camera app are located in this area, so that the flat part of the display is only the viewfinder available. A very good idea!

The Phablet also has the menu point “edge specials”. While there are currently still not very many of them, but mini-games and Task Manager are already.

Beauty, clarity, and additional features in the edge area unfortunately not without disadvantages accompanied: for many Android users unfamiliar, the power button by the side display is now at the top of the device. You can get used to however fast we find. More annoying is the fact that the typical attitude of a Smartphone induces occasionally unwanted actions in the hand at the touch of edge, if the user accidentally touches the additional screen with the Palm of his hand. Still outweigh the benefits of the edge functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the two edge varieties flat hardly different screens of their siblings with the, also the advantages and disadvantages of S6 edge and touch are 4 edge in the same areas:

  • The unibody of the S6 edge looks classier than theplastic-heavy note 4. After all, the latter in the edge effect in the comparison to the flat version less edgy.
  • The back of the note the battery in this way is easy to change as opposed to the removable S6 edge, 4 edge.Touch edge (3,000 mAh) from House also has a more powerful battery as the S6 edge (2,600 mAh).
  • Such as the S6, also the S6 edge has no micro-SD card slot.The note 4–of course also in the edge version.
  • The S6 edge is not only less than the grade 4 edge with 5.6″, with 5.1″ but also lighter (174 g vs. 132 g).
  • So as the camera of the S6 only slightly trumped that of note 4, so the same applies to the edge models and their cameras.

Software & functions

As hopefully already is clear, you can software not so easily cut the two edge models over a ridge as is possible with her siblings with regular displays: the note 4 edge has Samsung a variety of extensive functions in the rounded part of the screen provided, which only feel an additional screen is reached. The S6 edge on the other hand, the rounded edges offer a lot less practical use. Here we would have liked at least a touch hoping for more functionality. It’s a pity that Samsung!

Optimally usable additional screen in the grade 4 edge.

Who will win?

At the beginning of this article I was relatively sure finally to support the edge of S6, as personally alone the Phablet size of the Bill discourages me 4 edge in any case. From the point of view must be said but also that even the S6 edge with his 5.1″ is anything other than a small smartphone.

The touch boasts instead 4 edge with a large number of practical features, which may not offer the S6 edge.

The Bill is priced 4 edge with the S6 edge in a similar category. Due to the missing SD card slots on the S6 models, more memory means at least €100 extra charge: for the 128 GB variant, buyer must be impressive €1,049 EIA on the table. -Someone who needs lots of memory, drives with the touch edge a lot cheaper: a 128 GB costs about €80 large micro SD card of SanDisk’s company.