Samsung Galaxy S II Vs IPhone 4S, Comparing The Web Browsing Video

Much has been said in the last days of the new Apple terminal, that it arose barely a week ago. Xataka Android spent you already magazine next year terminal Android, Samsung Galaxy IBS, although what we bring you today is completely different.

The guys at SlashGear have had the opportunity of having an iPhone 4S to prove it, and how not, have us partakers of their testing. The video we bring you It shows the speed and plasticity in the Internet browsing new iPhone 4S in comparison with Samsung Galaxy SII.

Notably, before even get to see the video, the Samsung Galaxy SII It contains the Flash content and activated animations, so the amount of information to download and process is much greater.

In the first part of the test is compared to the iPhone 4S to its predecessor, that far surpasses in loading speed and displacement by the website. Then comes the comparison with a terminal that is best suited to your class, and is that the dual core 800 MHz chip A5 is more comparable to the Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz de el Galaxy SII (is the American version of the terminal) to the processor of the iPhone 4.

Tests carried out show as the iPhone 4S is slightly faster than the Samsung Galaxy SII through several sites with flash content and media, although the differences are imperceptible. Of course, the iPhone does not display any Flash content or animated, so its process load is lower than that which made the terminal of Samsung.

As we see, the comparison is certainly uneven, which does not seek any winner, but that the most logical conclusion is seen as the top terminals with Android are capable of even in speed navigation to the iPhone, still showing Flash.

This makes us think that it is possible to change the reference point for mobile browsing, and is Android, today, offers a complete web view without the sacrifice of speed before I needed to do this.

We leave you with the video so you can draw your own conclusions, so we invite you to let us participate in the comments & #8230;