Samsung Galaxy S II Vs Apple IPhone 4S, Titans Fight

Whenever a manufacturer presents a reference here terminal we are to announce it. Yesterday Apple He presented his new iPhone 4S, which although has nothing to do with the platform Android, If it falls within the permitted controversy, already own Apple used phones from other manufacturers to qualify your own; resource that yesterday also used, so by allusions we found interesting to return the ball. We will use as a reference the Samsung Galaxy S II version us, since currently could be considered the ship logo for the Android platform.

Taking into account that at the moment No one has tested the iPhone 4S, We will have to rely on the data so far available to make a comparative the most accurate possible above the specifications. Should also be noted that other terminals as the Motorola Droid Bionic they meet similar specifications and some detail than the rest, but again, perhaps the SGS2 version USA be the most visible head in this contest of specifications.

Comparison of specs between the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S

Let’s start by the processor, that is usually the main reference among all manufacturers. With the iPhone 4S one of the novelties is that it includes your processor 800 MHz dual-core A5 but no trace of the speed, although rumor has it that it would be at 1 GHz. On the part of the SGS US 2 We have Samsung Exynos 1.2 GHz dual-core processors or 1.5GGHz Qualcamm Snapdragon S3.

In internal memory We are under the same question with the iPhone 4S and also it is rumored that you would keep the 512MB, While the models of Samsung long ago they bring 1GB RAM. Then there is the detail of the internal storage, where Apple opts for versions of 16, 32 and 64 GB, While Samsung offer 16 / 32 GB but with the option to extend it through cards microSD.

The comparison on the screen It is difficult to determine, because the of the iPhone 4S remains the same as that of the previous model, of type LCD IPS 960 × 640 pixels With 3.5 inch. Many iPhone users were waiting for the reasonable leap to 4 inches. Samsung He has managed to make the leap beyond and we found the novel Super AMOLED Plus, Although it maintains the 800 × 480 pixels to choose between 4.3 or 4.5 inches. Here the weakness comes by the Android operating system since, until no Ice Cream Sandwich, not be you can take advantage of resolutions higher than 800 × 480 pixels.

Another new feature of the iPhone 4S is the new rear camera of 8MPx accompanied by LED flash and the front camera for video conferencing type VGA. The Chamber of Samsung back is also of 8MPx with LED flash but the front camera comes up to the 2MPx. Perhaps the new iPhone 4S lens system deserves a special mention, although the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc already had a camera with the same specifications slightly higher.

With both manufacturers can record video type Full HD 1080 p, but let’s not kid ourselves, because the important thing in both cases is the optical sensor and is impossible to get such quality in a compact size.

Regard to the connectivity It seems that the iPhone 4S still stuck in the network 3 G (HSPA 14.4), while Samsung you have open the range of possibilities depending on the version of the operators, being able to get up to 4 G (WinMax, HSPA + or 42mbps HSPA + 21mbps).

All this technology needs a battery, in the case of the iPhone 4S It remains internal non-removable, without specifying the size. On the other hand Samsung still according to the guidelines rules and its batteries are removable and with capacities of 1650 or 1850mAh. Separate detail is that all current catalog of Android smartphones meet the regulatory European directive include the microUSB connector to recharge their batteries. We don’t know how Apple can continue in breach of this directive with rules and sell in Europe. Does anyone know the answer?

To conclude this brief comparative is the detail of dimensions and weight, where the iPhone 4S repeats the constant of the previous model with 115 × 58 × 9 mm y 140 grams. On the other hand Samsung has been trying to have this reference on the horizon for beat it, though you can obviously do not comply with the same format, but the dessert Gets a terminal from 124 × 66 × 8 or 129 × 69 × 9 mm y 116 or 130 grams, improving the model of Apple in thickness and weight.

Final reflection between the Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S

Abstracts that we have been able to gather, it finally follows the present-day Samsung Galaxy S II version us exceeds in specifications to the iPhone 4S, Although this type of ratings at the end are a little out of place for expert users, who tend to choose with magnifying glass your smartphone mainly by the operating system and then by the specifications. Thus the comparison serves only to people who are only interested in having the most complete smartphone according to exposed details.

However it should be noted that Apple is the owner and design of all your smartphone like Samsung Lady, but on the other hand also develops all the entrails of your operating system and the design of the Basic applications of the terminal, as well as submit to an exhaustive control to those presented by third parties. In paragraph Samsung can only bring your customization layer on the operating system developed by Google, as well as some of their unique applications, so in part on that detail he would be at a disadvantage. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why the has been rumored that they are trying to develop its own operating system (another one in addition to Bada).

We do not forget that on 11 October next October 27 on October 19 It’s the turn of Google and Samsung, where it is already confirmed, after the advertising advance released today by the own Samsung, which will be the new mobile Google banner with your new operating system. It will be after the event when we will return to recover the comparison between the iPhone 4S vs Nexus Prime and surely there will be surprises with the specifications. Us We are going to cover the event and to show the information during the course, as well as the corresponding summaries at the end, so you hope!