Samsung Galaxy 3 Extends the Color Palette.

Gold is the new black in the mobile design. Now comes Samsung with 3 new colors which in reality is only one.

Gold over everything
Since Apple presented iPhone 5S Gold have several phones which are now presented in a Special Gold edition.

Now Samsung has, in a press release, teaset for their popular phablet-flagship Galaxie Note 3, which comes in Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White. It writes our site.

Only one new color
In fact, there are really only talking about one new color, namely Merlot Red. The other is just gold-versions of the popular and well-known Jet Black and Classic White.
These units retain their basic color, but gets replaced silver-elements (the frame around the phone, camera, home button and S-pen) with new and beautiful rose-elements.

Specifications and price unchanged
So far, the Chinese market will get your fingers in the new Rose Gold White version this month. The other models will be regularly available, also internationally. Samsung also tells that the prices and specifications remain unchanged from previous models.