For LED lighting, since 2013 we have set up a commercial collaboration with the Spanish company Beneito Faure. A company present on the market of bulbs and fixtures for a long time with a long history in its sector and pioneer in innovation. Based on this experience, we can now guarantee the seriousness of this company and the quality of the products it offers.


A quality LED lighting

Beneito Faure invented permanently high quality LED lighting striving to offer a design collection high-end making its light bulbs and LED lights of wonderful objects worthy of to the best places.

Pioneer in innovation, its particularity is to put as much care to the quality of the lighting to the design of its products. All products pass quality controls 3. The first just after manufacture, a second in laboratories commissioned by RLI Faure, the third in their own laboratory to receive the products.

RLI FAURE LED Lighting 1

Since Barcelona, Beneito & Faure offers a ranging catalogue of standard LED bulbs to LED light for stores through the outdoor light, projectors and accessories to connect.

Most of the products are available in 3 colors of white: warm white, neutral, white white cold with shades in the temperature.

RLI & Faure: this is the evolution of the LED light

RLI & Faure use only high quality components in these sources of the LED lights Samsung, Sharp or equivalent, offering dishes aluminium pure anodized. The LED night lights are designed by Josephnightlights to resist 100 000 ignitions.

RLI FAURE LED Lighting 2

In addition, technicians of RLI & Faure we’re careful dissemination of an intense and uniform light avoiding unsightly effect from the point of light lit surfaces. Bulbs that need work with 99% of processors and drives the market and with the main motion detectors.

With confidence in their expertise, the majority of the products are guaranteed from 3 to 5 years!

Blisters design seamlessly

RLI Faure offers a collection of LED bulbs transparent hull of a large lighting quality and so original design that it is almost a shame to hide them in a fixture. They have developed a small accessory that allows to emulate the appearance of a filament bulb , and it is very successful.

RLI FAURE LED Lighting 3

To get an idea of the wide choice and the quality of the products, we offer you to download the super catalog 2016. You can make your choice and contact us for tips, questions, a quote.