Rakuten Closes in Spain: Your Store Will Cease to Be Operational in August

The month of August Rakuten would serve 3 years in Spain, after landing on the peninsula in 2013. And I say would be because the Japanese e-commerce giant has just confirmed the the Spanish version of the store closing. Rakuten.es, as well as the office that the company had in Barcelona, will stop servicing this summer, as they themselves have confirmed.

Besides in Spain, Rakuten has announced the closing of its store in the United Kingdom. They do not give Bush to acknowledge the reason for taking this decision: not the “cost of growth” left them profitable for the volume of business handled. Instead, they plan to focus their investments in France and in Germany, where they have “scale and potential for sustainable growth”.

Although Rakuten was never broken down data relating to your business in Spain, the truth is that never achieved much popularity. His model, which exclusively consisted of allowing that third they sold through its platform, but without own products, did not fit among Internet users. Neither advertising nor the numerous promos in the form of discount codes were able to give too much visibility to the online shop.

Wuaki.TV will not be affected by the closure

Rakuten to cast close in Spain does not mean, they themselves explain, will there be changes in Wuaki.tv. The Japanese company bought the video on demand service Spanish in 2012. Wuaki.TV will continue to operate as usual and it will continue its European expansion, such Rakuten which confirms in his statement.