Raids, Arrests and Closures of Domains: What Is Happening with Kickass Torrents?

Returned to pass, the history of arrests and closures of sites we saw in December of 2014 with Pirate Bay has returned to recur with who succeeded him as the greatest torrents page the world: Kickass Torrents. And that the search engine has been collaborating with the industry by accepting their requests for deletion and removing more than one million torrent files.

Has happened this morning, the United States Department of Justice seized seven domains of the web while in Poland it stopped a Ukrainian citizen, Artem Valuin, accused of being its creator. The U.S. Federal already planned his extradition to accuse him of conspiracy to commit money laundering and copyright infraccionescriminales.

Camouflaged federal, bank accounts and IPs

We can find some details of the operation in the criminal complaint filed in the District Court in Chicago. It is revealed that the Feds were going through an advertiser for contact with those responsible for the web, and thus to obtain the number of the account associated with the web, with which it is managed to get data from its supposed creator.

On the other hand, also aims at that Apple worked with research delivering personal details of Vaulin. They did investigating the IP which had been used to access the account of Kickass Torrents on Facebook, and discovering what the account associated with that IP in iTunes transactions.

In addition to its creator in Poland, the operating authorities have taken over domains,,,,, and Other sites like, which serves to check the status of the domains, is also offline. Also famous bank account associated with the portal have been seized.

Against the supposed creator has been charged for conspiracy to commit criminal infringement of copyright, another for conspiracy to wash money, two counts of criminal copyright infringement. Allegations related to copyright infringement can carry a maximum of 5 years in prison, while can fall up to 20 years for money laundering.

In the official announcement of the operation issued by the Department of Justice, the Assistant Attorney General, Leslie R. Caldwell, ensures that Vaulin is accused of operate the illegal file sharing web most visited in the world, It is responsible for the illegal distribution of thousand million dollars in copyright-protected files.

Also says that in an effort to evade the law, supposedly It was used on servers located in countries around the world, (e) it was transferring their domains because of repeated attacks and civil lawsuits. Caldwell also ensures that his arrest in Poland shows that “a cibercriminal can run, but can’t hide is justice”.

The rise of Kickass Torrents

The throne of the P2P sites which was vacated after the RAID managed to Pirate Bay in December 2014 to occupy Kickass Torrents. After the disappearance of the Group of ripping YIFY Kickass created their own group release further increasing its weight, so even though he ended up returning, Pirate Bay was no match for a KAT that at this time it is still among the 100 most visited pages the world according to the Alexa ranking.

But they are not conformed with that peusto, and the web has been innovating these years to enhance its services with movements as the creation of a page on the Deep Web right now is also falling. In addition, also They ensured the safety of their users ahead of the competition when it comes to implementing a two-step verification system.

But of course, highlight the file exchange It always tends to attract the gaze of the authorities. That has resulted in that in recent years KAT has had to face at the end of your main domain in February 2015, to blockades by Chrome and Firefox, and the closure of its web in countries such as Finland.

As we have said before, the web has cooperated with authorities removing the torrents that the DMCA and other organizations requesting him, but that does not seem to have been enough. Now just have to see how it advances the case and who will now take the place of Kickass. Because make no mistake, when a website of this caliber disappears There are always others who aspire to take their place, We saw it with Pirate Bay and see it now.