Prolonged Use of Wet Bikini, Excessive Heat Contribute to Candidiasis

Infection In The Vaginal Area Caused By A Fungus Affects Three In Four Women At Least Once In Life

The arrival of the hottest season of the year messes with the routine of many women. They are days at the beach, swimming pool, everything with much sun and often the workmanship intensifies to prepare the body for the bikini. But it is also in the summer that the incidence of candidiasis, an infection in the vaginal region caused by a fungus, increases to three out of four women at least once in a lifetime.

The main symptoms of the disease are burning and itching in the vaginal region and a discharge of whitish color.

The factor that most triggers a candidiasis infection is low immunity. But does heat and humidity contribute too much to the onset of the disease? explains the gynecologist and obstetrician José Bento.

To prevent the disease, some basic care can be taken. Avoid keeping your bikini wet on the body for long as well as avoid wearing clothing with synthetic fabric especially on the hottest days according to biotionary. Women should prefer to wear light clothing, made of natural fabrics, to facilitate ventilation.

To treat the disease, the options include clotrimazole-based antifungal, vaginally available cream for three or six days of treatment or a single-dose vaginal tablet. Clotrimazole eliminates the fungus that causes candidiasis and contributes to restoring the fragile balance of flora in the female intimate region.

The drugs try to restore the vaginal balance, decreasing the amount of aggressors. In addition to using them, it is also important to locate the cause of the candidiasis to prevent it from coming back.

Pay Attention

Food is an essential point to watch. Did you know that excessive consumption of sugars and carbohydrates favors the appearance of fungi? If candidiasis is recurrent, you should still avoid consuming alcohol and fused cheeses. People with allergies and diabetes should also be aware because these problems are triggering factors.

Also take care of sexual intercourse: your partner is able “recontaminate” you. So, just like you, it needs to be treated to prevent fungus growth. Use a condom and try to stay away from the lubricants, which may favor restarting the cycle.