Playground Toy that Develops Balance and Sense of Security

Now and then we are in Tempojunto on the outdoor games and the playground is among my favorites. If we look carefully we can realize how cool toys like the swing, seesaw and a jungle gym for the kids. I noticed that the latter in particular help in the development of balance and the sense of safety of children.

It turns out that sometimes too much zeal, we prevent the children explore the playground. Of course security is important, but maybe we don’t need to hold in their hands every time down by the slide.

Recently, I was watching the kids on the jungle gym. This toy is there as long as I can remember in playgrounds. And I remember when I was a kid, he was a challenge. I’ve always been a little afraid of heights, so get in their upper reaches was cause for anxiety and a sense of accomplishment when I could.

Teach safety in place to put the safety net

I confess to being one of those mothers who virtually kept under the jungle gym with his arms ready to hold the Pocoyo if he had slipped. Or worse, he went up and I was holding him by the shirt, as if something was fast. And, there’s no way. He absorbed my insecurity and it took a long time for that could climb and explore the toy with ease.

But you learn right? Well, the 4 years, the Potcho is already a champion in terms of resourcefulness in the jungle gym.

The secret was to show her how to climb safely. How to hold and lean. And let her climb alone, with me away from the toy. She learned and knows right where you can venture out.

The jungle gym at is also a toy that develops the child’s balance, your sense of balance and space. And it’s amazing to watch the agility of small having fun. Another confession: I suffer a bit to get to the top. But it definitely does not need to be passed from father to son”.