Plants Vs. Zombies and Chuzzle: Imminent Departure Exclusively for Amazon

Amazon back in the news for its exclusivity with large companies in mobile entertainment contracts, started at launch with Angry Birds Rio and this time touched him turn to PopCap Games, It has decided to launch on Android, with exclusivity, their two best titles. Apparently the deal has been the following, tomorrow will be free in the Amazon AppStore, Chuzzle, a game that has given a lot of talk on other platforms and that this company gives very good results.

In the second part of the contract is the star, Plants vs. Zombies, that will leave the 30 or 31 of this month also form free during the first day. Both titles will have a exclusivity of two weeks and after its gratuitousness of the first day, they will cost it’s always, $2.99.

In the statement released by PopCap also indicate the new features of Chuzzle, four modes different levels, Classic Mode, Zen Mode, Mind-Bender Mode and Speed Mode. Apart there will be a trophy room, call support scramble, that will do is shuffle Board at random when we stay without movements and a new system of dynamic generation of levels not to repeat never.

Amazon continues to do his thing, and I am afraid that it will not be the last time that we see this kind of action with the sole purpose of capturing users.