Overview: Review of iOS 7, HTC and Samsung Breaks the Christmas Peace, Entire City loses TDC-Coverage, and More.

At the end of the week and our site brings together the week’s main news.

Apple iOS 7-When a new start bodes well

The update has, since the publication received mixed reception. After the storm has subsided, it is now time to look at why the upgrade is worth it. Where Apple has traditionally been conservative, it is now no longer the case!

New mobiles in december: HTC and Samsung breaks the Christmas peace

December is traditionally a quiet month in terms of launches. Producers will not venture to confuse the buying lustful with product launches in the midst of Christmas shoppingen. This year, the picture is slightly different and it seems that there will be fighting about other things than even for Christmas.
Entire city has lost the TDC coverage

In the small town of Stony Creek at ringsted, TDC-customers, without the ability to call or write messages from the phone. TDC has taken their mast down, after a disagreement about the price of rental of space for equipment.

Now we get a reversible and improved USB

2014 features a new and improved version of the USB connector we all know. A long number of years without the big innovation looks finally seem to be over.
Samsung Galaxy S5 pops up in benchmarks

A mysterious device have appeared in GFX benchmarking database with surprising results. It is believed to be Samsung’s upcoming flagship, and it seems to be able to beat more records.
Windows Phone: here is the news in the next update

The next software update for Windows Phone provides several advanced options and elements known from Windows 8. Two of the more interesting features include the ability to store apps on an external SD card, so that the internal memory is not overloaded by the amount of data from the many apps.