Ornare Presents Collection Wide Line

The Wide Online collection, designed by Ricardo Bello Dias, is composed of elements that line and decorate the House as a single Wall system environment. This system allows one to view the home by the use of panels that can involve the entire environment. A wide range of shelves, containers and accessories allows limitless customization, with a range of materials and sophisticated finishes and exclusive. These items can be placed anywhere within a regular geometric pattern, making the versatile system with endless combinations. According to Dictfurniture, the furniture able to reach your continuity in fluid environments, turns into reality the integration of contemporary life.

About Ornare

Founded in 1986, in São Paulo, by Esther and Murillo Schattan, Ornare invests in design, in the creation of unique and sophisticated products, and has partnerships with leading names in architecture and design. High technology and quality have always been the basic precepts of Ornare, in addition to increasing the quality of life of its customers and prioritize the originality of its products. With 15 showrooms in Brazil and three in the U.S., the brand offers a variety of solutions in kitchens, cabinets, home Office, bathrooms, always preserving the style and individuality of the customer.